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Class Prerequisites

None. A vampire can come from any place in society.

Race Prerequisites

Not warforged or shardmind. Because these two things are not alive, but are constructs they do not suffer from disease. However if you want you could rule that the vampire disease can be applied as a disease or cast as a spell, and therefore infect magical constructs.



Associated Skill: streetwise and stealth

Starting Feature[edit]

you are a creature of the night who hungers fpr the life blood of all living creatures. You can see in the night, and have surges of unnatural power that can only be used out of the suns assaulting rays.


Starting feature mechanics.

Additional Features[edit]

Level 5 Feature[edit]

as you get stronger, so do your eyes. You no longer need one of the living necessities known as breath.


Level 10 Feature[edit]

your fangs gain new power for sucking life out of foes.


Optional Powers[edit]

The name of the power The name of the class this belongs to. Delete this if this is a racial power. Utility 2
The flavor text for this power
At-Will, Encounter, or Daily"At-Will, Encounter, or Daily" is not in the list (At-Will, Encounter, Daily) of allowed values for the "4e Power Usage" property. Star.gif Keywords for this power. Delete the parameters that are not used.
Immediate Reaction, Immediate Interrupt, etc."Immediate Reaction, Immediate Interrupt, etc." is not in the list (Minor Action, Standard Action, Free Action, Immediate Reaction, Immediate Interrupt, Move Action, No Action) of allowed values for the "4e Power Action Type" property. Ranged, Close Burst, Melee, etc. The range in squares this attack has. Delete if this attack does not have a range.
Prerequisite: Prerequisites to use this attack. Delete if it isn't used.
Requirement: Requirements to use this attack. Delete if it isn't used.
Target: Primary target for the power. Delete if it isn't used.
Effect: Effect for a Utility power. Delete if it isn't used.
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