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Prerequisites: Dexterity 13 or higher and a permanent flying speed
You have honed your aerial talents with blades. You gain the following benefits:

  • Your flying speed increases by 10 feet.
  • You gain proficiency in all weapons that feature a blade.
  • You may attempt to pin an enemy after flying at least 10ft towards them.
Pinning an enemy

After flying at least 10 feet towards an enemy, you can make a melee weapon attack against that enemy and attempt to knock them to the ground. They take your normal weapon damage but must succeed a Strength saving throw against a DC of 10 + your Dexterity modifier or be knocked prone.

If the melee attack is made without a weapon; no damage is dealt and the enemy has disadvantage on the saving throw. On a failed save you disarm and attempt to grapple the enemy against the ground, optionally chosing to use Dexterity in place of any Strength check for as long as the target remains prone.

You can use this feat up to an amount equal to your Dexterity modifier. You regain the uses of this feat when you finish a long rest.

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