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Large construct, neutral

Armor Class 16 (natural armor)
Hit Points 147 (14d10 + 70)
Speed 30 ft.

20 (+5) 15 (+2) 20 (+5) 6 (-2) 14 (+2) 5 (-3)

Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Damage Immunities lightning, poison, psychic
Condition Immunities frightened, poisoned
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages understands the languages of its creator but can't speak
Challenge 7 (2,900 XP)

False Appearance While the ushabti is motionless it is indistinguishable from a ordinary statue.

Immutable Form. The ushabti is immune to any spell or effect that would alter its form.

Magic Resistance. The ushabti has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Magic Weapons. The ushabti's weapon attacks are magical.


Multiattack. The ushabti makes two melee weapon attacks or two ranged weapon attacks.

Greatbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, range 250/500 ft., one target. Hit: 16 (2d10 + 5) piercing damage.

Greatsword. Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 18 (2d12 + 5) slashing damage.

Carved into the likeness of the gods and goddess of ancient Nehekhara, the Ushabti stand as guardian statues around the perimeters of the necropolises and within the passageways of the great pyramids of the Tomb Kings. These Ushabti are imposing monuments to Nehekhara's former power, and all who pass through their shadows tremble under their unnerving and imposing shadow. In times of need, the temple priests awoke the Ushabti with powerful incantations, and with the sound of cracking stone, the Ushabti stepped down from their pedestals, silent and ready for war.
In ancient times, the living warriors of Nehekhara took great courage from the fact that the Ushabti fought alongside them, for who could fail to be inspired by the physical representations of their gods marching into battle?

Vaunted Guardians. The rituals needed to animate these towering statues are far more difficult than those needed to awaken the legions of skeletons and mummies. As a result, Ushabti are far more resilient than the undead warriors of the Tomb King's eternal army, and their warrior-spirits are bound with far more powerful magic. In the ancient language of Nehekhara, the name Ushabti translates literally as 'chosen of the gods'. Indeed, the divinities do not consent to any mere mortal inhabiting statues made in their image. Only the most powerful souls, those of particularly brave warriors and heroic champions are judged worthy to animate an Ushabti.

Warrior Constructs. Ushabti stride through battlefields like gods of war, infused with the temperament and strength of their form's pantheon deity. Their statuesque bodies can withstand enormous damage, and they are incredibly strong. With a single hand, an Ushabti is capable of crushing an enemy's steel armor, and its contents, with contemptuous ease. Ushabti wield huge ritualistic weapons, from large-bladed staves that would take the combined strength of three mortal men to lift, to great bows that fire arrows the size of spears. These mighty weapons are as elaborately crafted and decorated as the Ushabti who brandish them, their gilded surfaces engraved by a dozen sculptors with intricate patterns and hieroglyphs. In battle, Ushabti wield their massive weapons effortlessly. Every sweeping arc of their blades cutting a bloody swathe through their foes and every arrow fired punching through their enemies in an explosion of blood and guts.

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