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This has a lot of poor design.

  • Advantage is supposed to be a circumstantial benefit. This class hands out permanent advantages like they were cookies.
    • And yet, in places where advantage would be appropriate, it uses a numeric bonus!"
    • "+4 bonus to attack rolls"
    • "+5 when choosing to roll a perception check" (and anyway you always choose to roll a perception check - otherwise it's passive!)
  • "roll an extra ((1d4)d6) as damage on true humans or a ((1d4)d4) on Humanoid Creatures. "
  • "Up to (1d4) times per long rest you can choose to minimally succeed a failed roll (even a Critical Fail). "
  • Mongolian Draw:
    • "while less than 30ft from a target using the longbow you disregard its disadvantage" - huh?
    • "extra 2d8 damage, and stun the target for 1 round". REALLY. On every longbow attack. Wow.
  • That's just delving in at random, it looks like most features have a problem. Marasmusine (talk) 07:45, 10 February 2017 (MST)

-Thank you for clarification! I appreciate the input. Hopefully the changes I've done correct the class!

I've looked at the first two levels more closely.

  • The name "Darwinism" is an anachronism that doesn't fit well.
  • Animal Handling is used to control an animal, not give you knowledge about unknown creatures. You probably want Nature instead, read through the skills (p. 178)
  • Nor would animal handling relate to dragons or monstrosities, as they are not domesticated animals.
  • Please be clear on if you get a damage resistance or not rather than leaving it to the DM. You probably want to remove this as 1) a damage resistance worth something, and they already get a bunch of stuff at 1st level; 2) The feature is related to environment, if anything it should be providing a benefit against extreme environments.
  • What is a "permanent/Temporary" hit point? How much do pelts and stacks weigh? It says "you may also salvage the creature for bones, meat", but this is something anyone can do anyway (probably using the Survival skill... while this feature doesn't seem to involve Survival at all). Does "When you obtain "stack's" and finish a combat situation" mean that you can obtain stacks during a combat situation? Is that 50% of your maximum hit points? This is a feature that seems really convoluted but there's probably a more elegant way of doing it.
  • Sifs' Arena is poorly defined (doesn't explain what an "arena" is). "duel [sic] wielding melee weapons": 5e has a thing called "two-weapon fighting", that's probably what you mean. It doesn't discriminate an "offhand" weapon, you simply have a light weapon in each hand.
  • Tyr's Tactics. Lack of definition. When exactly does this happen? Is it when you roll for initiative? Does it work even when you are surprised? Do party members have to be able to see the enemy? Can party members who are separated also vote? How big does the "group" of enemies have to be, 2 or more? Does "party" refer to the PCs, or NPCs too? Does the damage (and why the +2?) happen with any kind of hit? (melee, ranged, spell, weapon)? How long does this "mark" last for?
  • Tracking. You don't need to say "without expending any spell slots" as the class doesn't have any spell slots. "Per long rest" isn't the correct term. You probably want "You can cast hunter's mark twice. When you finish a long rest, you regain your uses of this spell."
  • This is two separate features, the hunter's mark and the trap handling.
  • Setting simple traps is already normal part of the Survival skill. It says "traps and snares listed" but I can't see a list. Typos (apostrophe at the end of "targets", the names of traps are not proper nouns.
  • I've also noticed you get features at 4th and 8th level along with the ability score improvement. This might be okay for a minor trait, but the Forte's are strong.
  • So, sorry, this is still dense with errors. Marasmusine (talk) 02:26, 24 February 2017 (MST)

-Thank you! Hopefully these changes I've done seem a little better!

Still lacks definition.
Sif's Arena again: still says "offhand weapon". The best way to define this, is to say it's the attack you make as a bonus action when you are two-weapon fighting. "1 vs 1 combat situation." doesn't mean anything. Is it when you are adjacent to an enemy, and no other creature is adjacent to you or the enemy? What about if someone else is making ranged attacks against the enemy too, does that count or not?
Tyr's Tactics again: still says "When engaging a group of enemies", which has no game definition.
Sportsman's Forte is overpowered in many places. Advantage on all attack rolls against beast, dragons and monstrosities? That's half the monsters in the MM. And a damage bonus on top of that.
"Enemy Plant-like, Sylvan, or fey creatures"? So Plant and Fey creatures? And they all get disadvantage on all attack rolls against you.
Has a homebrew "brewers kit", even though the PHB has brewer's supplies.
That, and skinner's tools do not have a weight and cost.
What's the difference between a throwing axe and a handaxe? Marasmusine (talk) 05:35, 2 July 2017 (MDT)
Yes, there's more:
Perception and Animal Handling are mandatory at 1st level, so should just be listed in the class skill proficiencies. This gives the class four skills at 1st level, ranking it with the "expert" classes such as Bard or Rogue. And if you take Survivalist, you get 6 skills.
"Fighting Styles" and the names of the styles are standardized, because it's important you can't pick the same one twice when you multiclass. "Warrior's Forte" has several fighting-style-type features and doesn't say you can't stack them, so you can end up with things like +4 to range weapon attack rolls.
Trophy hunter gives permanent hit points, and it's not clear how this works. Do I gain 1d8 hit points when I make a stack? Or do I have to be carrying the stack (hence the maximum number?) Does the size of the creature matter (can I use mouse skin?). It gives non-5e mechanics (why is the skinning a percentile roll, instead of the normal ability check that other tool kits use?)
What is "kraken's mead"? If it's something you can brew, what are the material costs? Why is the damage bonus "1d6+2" instead of an extra 1d6 bonus or a +2 bonus?
"while less than 30ft from a target using the longbow" is ambigious. We know you mean that you're the one with the longbow, but it could be read as the target having the longbow.
That's just another random sampling. Marasmusine (talk) 02:41, 2 September 2017 (MDT)
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