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New to the site and not sure how to send messages, so I'm going to leave this here lol--feel free to remove once read =)

Hey Blue, I saw your comment on the "Swashbuckler, Variant" page--I appreciate you keeping a watchful eye out, but I did want to respond. I not sure if the my 'posted' comment goes through to you, but here it is in case you didn't receive it:

Mechanically and textually, there are many alterations from the pre-existing version of the "Swashbuckler" class besides the addition of the "Bravazzo" Archetype--the basic concept of Swashing Points was kept to give it a similar feel to the pre-existing class listed, but several mechanics were replaced or reworked to create a different play style. I kept the original text where I could, and incorporated the other familiar Archetypes to maintain the similarity to the original concept (as titled, this is intended to be a 'Variant' of the current class).

However, if the use of pre-existing description text is an issue, I am happy to rewrite with original descriptions. I think this Variant class design allows the player a good deal more freedom in play style, more original features with fewer borrowed, and more 'character flare' for combat and problem solving. So I do believe that the mechanical alterations to the current "Swashbuckler" class are significant enough to warrant a separate "Variant" build, and as said, I would be happy to make the necessary changes for that to happen.

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