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I created the Wand of Healing[1], the Healer's Robes[2], and the Soul Reaper, Variant[3] class.

I'm also the dude that's been changing the summary descriptions of most of those classes, because some either need the re-writing (like the "Demolitionist". How the hell did "A bowl of soup" summarize being a DemoMan?), or they just don't have a description in the first place (see: "Hellblazer" class).

If you're reading this, and you're upset that I tinkered with a page you created... please don't be. I want whatever it is you made to be the best it can be. I'm good at editing, and I'm good at what teachers/bosses/"politically correct" advisors call "creative writing"--so when it comes to flavor, I'm DEFINITELY your man. Not so good at the mechanics, though; it seems folks want a bit of "structural weaknesses" in their homebrewed items, whereas I'm of the idea that a clock is only so good as the summary of it's parts--as in, if a clock is made with bad parts, the probability that it will be a bad clock will skyrocket.

So! To sum:

I like flavor, and I'm good at writing it.

I like strong creations, so I'm bad at leaving inherent mechanical flaws.

Shoot me a message if you want either of those things. Happy brewing!


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