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Hey all I'm Zombiecow, I am Australian, been playing Dungeons and Dragons for quiet a few years now, and my own personal RPG before I knew about this, so I know my stuff, I have made a few cool contributions to this site and I hope you all can gain something from them, I am a bloke, atheist.

Thing I have made: The Brown cow (comical Deity)


Duriel (DnD Deity)

Alzrius (DnD Deity)

Sylus (DnD Deity)

Cannagundae (DnD Deity)


Carvers (DnD Race)


Kakamas (3.5e Equipment)

Ring of Decay (3.5e Equipment)

Pedestal of Truth (3.5e Equipment)

Hat of Obsession (3.5e Equipment)

Hot Air Balloon (3.5e Equipment)


Carver Warrior (DnD Creature)

Thunder Assassin (Kriel'gen) (DnD Creature)


The Mainland (DnD Campaign Setting)

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