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I have trouble with other usernames, such as Storm Elf, StormElf, etc. So keep that in mind please! I work with Fourth Edition but I sometimes meddle with Three and One Half Edition.

The Original Volta[edit]

I am the original Volta who is the father of these contributions:

The volta is the first of my creations and is also my favorite. It used to benamed "Storm Elves" but due to overuse of an insert adjective here Elf template for races, it was changed.

Grininthar is the god of the Volta and is an offspring of Melora and Kord. He has Domain over the wild jungle and storms and is also the creator of the Volta.

An armor fashioned of special bark for use of the Volta. It offers more versatility than chainmail for the same protection.

An aquatic race of goblin-like creatures who have unique abilities. They have gills to breathe under water and are enhanced in water. I haven't seen any race like them yet.

There are others but they are ideas I pulled out of conceptual trashcans of my mind, and I am not proud of them.

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