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Pwnester Tehuuber The First was a powerful wizard in the distant past (For those of us out of character, about 1350 ad), a human recluse dedicated to the research of every form of magic and every spell ever created. He studied for years, venturing out only for the ocassional Adventure, often being hired by those who had heard of his power. He lived in his own Mansion of his own design, consistantly renewed each day. He had a son at the age of 30, unfortunately his mother died in childbirth. He named this son after himself, Pwnester the 2nd. Pwnester the first lived to the ripe old age of 40 (And for those of us out of character, a Level 21 wizard). He knew he was begining to expire, and locked away all of his spellbooks in a special box of his own design: Pocketsize on the outside, yards wide on the inside, that could only be opened by the blood of his family line. Then, one week before his 41st birthday, he discovered something that intrigued him. If a certain few spells were cast in the correct order, one could gain limitless power. He immediately set out to test his theory. Unfortunately for him, it proved sucessful. His power grew limitlessly, and he gained the knowlage of every spell ever known. Some say he tapped into the true nature of Truespeak, and simply stated "Give me power", but it is unsure. He had not intended it to go this far. His power grew out of perportion. His strength rivaled the Gods themselves. This angered the Gods. They promptly smote Pwnester on the day of his birth, leaving his ten year old son with nothing but a spellbook containing all of the worlds most basic spells (Level 0, my-out-of-character friends), and the instructions to open the box when he became an acomplished wizard. Pwnester's Soul was banished from the afterlife, cursed to wander limbo.

Pwnester Tehuuber the Second Shunned magic. Through his father's inheritance he learned that he could create basic magic by reading his father's book. Taking magic as the thing that destroied his father, he vowed never to touch it again, and started the MAM Group. That's Merchants Against Magic, people. He had a son at 20 (Around 1400, out-o-char peeps.), whom he named Gregory.

Pwnester Tehuuber the Third was born Gregory Johnathan Smith, though he changed his name to Pwnester out of respect to his grandfather. He took up magic after discovering his father's spellbook, and the Box. All records of his life are lost after he left at the age of 15, spellbook in tow.

At this point, the Pwnester line is passed down unnoticed by history, untill recently....

Pwnester Tehuuber the 52th Born in the year 1982, to an undisclosed name. He, like most people of his era, believed magic to be nothing but smoke and mirrors, tricks of the light. That is, untill he found something in his basement. He found the Box, created by his ancestor. This was the day he joined the DnD Wiki Community, and created this page. He chose to write his name as Pwnester Tehuuber the 52th (Pronounced POHn-es-ter TEH-u-burr the fith-to-the-second-power) to remind himself that, while arcane magic is powerful, mathmatics and technology are key to any sucessful life.


Pwnester's Contributions:

The Cullinomancer Prestige Class

Because I felt a food based mage was nessacary.

The 5th level Harden Jelly Sor/Wiz spell

Because I was annoyed that there was no 5th level jelly spell

The Overresearched Trait

It happened to me, I wanted my character to be able to do it too.

Pwnester's Touch of Brilliance spell

It was one of the spells I thought up. It's in the spellbook I carry around everywhere.

[[Garblespeak (DnD Language)|Garblespeak as a Language]]

Because I needed it for Overreaserched.

[[Masterclasser (DnD Prestige Class)|The Masterclasser]]

Because I was bored, and wanted to work this out.
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