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Characters I've Played[edit]


Steve, the Crack Wizard ·

DM: Ru'Molth

Campaign: Wasteland Crusaders (Concluded)

Character No.: 1

Summary: A wizard who, through the quirks of a "unique magic system", became severely addicted to magic rocks.

Tholdaan, the Dwarf

DM: Ru'Molth

Campaign: Elixir Quest (Concluded)

Character No.: 2

Summary: A regular, bog-standard dwarven fighter, and there's not a damn thing wrong with that!


Frucho, the Half-Orc Hermit ·

DM: Mike

Campaign: Nine Worlds (In Progress)

Character No.: 3

Summary: Old, grey, and being dragged all over the Nine Worlds with quite possibly the most obnoxious companions in existence for some ridiculous quest to keep a nasty demon in its hole.

Thunder Hunters

DM: Mike

Campaign: Nine Worlds One-Shots: Red Sun (Concluded)

Character No.: 4

Summary: A loose mob of premade characters I took a liking to, including but not limited to:

-Johan Schmidt, the Ranger (Schrodinger's Corpse)

-Wajid, the Druid (Extremely Dead)

-Tariq, the Cleric (Dead)

-Hassan, the Fighter (Dead)

Jebbedo G. Stumbledock

DM: Domenic

Campaign: Prospero's School for the Magically Gifted Kid Wizards 2: Escape from Pedo Island (Concluded)

Character No.: 5

Summary: A young gnomish wizard who got caught up in an evil blood magic/pedophilia cult run by the local school's faculty, and promptly decided that the only way to fix things was with judicious application of Fireballs.

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