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Naming your class or race[edit]

Making a new class or race? If the name of your class or race is a two word combination using exclusively words from the following list, step away from the keyboard:

death, blood, blade, necro, born, shadow, dark, chaos, soul, demon, dragon, reaper, ravager, slayer, storm, hunter, ghost, spell, sword, lord.

Using one of these words is forgivable. If you've used two, you've just created a Witchalok.

If you also used CamelCase, throw your keyboard in the bin. You're not allowed to type anymore.

New base classes[edit]

Making a new base class? Stop. Just stop. Your idea is almost certainly not a base class. If you think about it it's actually a variant feature or set of feats for customizing an existing class, or a prestige class, paragon path or epic destiny.

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