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Hey everybody, and welcome to my page. I'm just a wizard who enjoy creating things and altering reality. Feel free to make suggestions about edits for my work.


Magic Weapons (10): Avalanche Hammer (5e Equipment), Blade of Eldritch Power (5e Equipment), Frost's Bite (5e Equipment), Fume Ultra Greatsword (5e Equipment), Gith Sword (5e Equipment), Mechanical T-Hook (5e Equipment), Runic Blade (5e Equipment), Spellblade (5e Equipment), Wheel-lock Carbine (5e Equipment), Windfury (5e Equipment) [deleted]

Wondrous Items (4): Gambler's Suit (5e Equipment), Petrification Orb (5e Equipment), Simulacrum (5e Equipment) Spelunker's Torch (5e Equipment)

Robes (3): Ravenheart Robe (5e Equipment), Robe of Avoidance (5e Equipment), Robe of Rubik (5e Equipment)

Staves (2): Dreamwood Staff (5e Equipment), Staff of Sacrifice (5e Equipment)

Rods (2): Rod of Stolen Starlight (5e Equipment), Rod of Pain (5e Equipment)

Feats (2): Poison Expert (5e Feat), Deceptive (5e Feat)

Spells (8): Bloodtap (5e Spell), Boil Blood (5e Spell), Dark Transport (5e Spell), Demonic Visage (5e Spell), Fleeting Distraction (5e Spell), Greed (5e Spell), Last Laugh (5e Spell), Wrath (5e Spell)

Optimized Character Builds (1): The Holy Grail of D&D: Highest AC Possible (5e Optimized Character Build)

Races (1): Shardmind (5e Race)

Class Archetypes (2): Path of the Warlord (5e Archetype), Supernaturalist (5e Archetype)

Classes Under Construction (3): Archer (5e Class), Beguiler (5e Class), Rune Scribe (5e Class) [deleted], Undertaker (5e Class), Bladesinger (5e Class)

Tools (2): Artificer's Tools (5e Equipment), Surgeon's Supplies (5e Equipment)

Potions (1): Potion of Survival (5e Equipment), Potion of Experience (5e Equipment)

Armor (1): Antimagic Shield (5e Equipment)

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