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I'm just a Belgium dum dum. Hopefully, you'll like my ideas too.

My Creations[edit]


Zodiac Child Beings infused with magic gained by their zodiac sign.

Race Variant[edit]

Anthro Dragon 5e: When dragonborn mate with true dragons, they became humanoid copies.


Dragon Child 5e: Ever wanted to be a half dragon without being a Dragonborn? Now you can!


Special Classes[edit]

Intelligent Ooze 5e Humanoids turned into oozes by a curse (Curse coming soon).

Class Feature Variant[edit]

Dragonborn Sorcerer 5e A class feature variant made to raise the synergy between the Dragonborn race and the Draconic sorcerer origin.


Circle of Oozes 1st iteration at trying to make a valid ooze archetype.

Way of the Oozes 5e 2nd iteration at trying to make a valid ooze archetype.


None yet


Instant Legolas 5e Sidegrade to a normal bow.

Magic Items[edit]

Dragon Mask 5e Just a mask, right?

Lolth's kiss 5e When your DM just wants you to choose lolth as diety, I guess.

Potion of Perfectness A nice way to mindwipe.

Variant Rules[edit]

Polymorph Fatigue 5e For when you want to spice up your polymorphs... Movement of Fish-like Creatures while on Land An overly complicated name for a simple system. Use this if you want to have water-based races on land.

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