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Potion, rarity varies

The fluid in these potions look like a reflecting and molten metal of some sorts. When you gaze long enough into the bottle, memories will pop up that feel oddly familiar…

Potions of Perfectness[edit]

When ingested, this potion will alter the mind of the affected, removing any non-pleasant memories and replacing them with a nicer version, as if you didn’t suffer during your childhood at all! Stronger versions may even alter your body into the version you really want, or start a chain reaction, changing your closest persons with you, so that you can live the perfect live!

Side-effects may be: false memories, devotion to the creator of the bottle, strange, new body, broken campaigns and even rips in the space-time continuum.

Potion of Rarity Effects
Perfect Childhood. Rare This potion alters your mind, removing the most painful memories while still allowing you to remember your real friends, family and your own name.
Perfect Childhood and Body. Very rare This potion wipes away all your painful experiences, replacing them with nicer experiences, often linked to beings of a higher stand than yours. These alter your mind in such a drastic way that your body needs to adapt with it, as that’s the only way to keep you from turning insane due to conflicting memories. Instead of your own family, you’ll remember the maker of this potion as the ultimate benefactor, giving you this life and giving you your (new) name (which is at least partially true). You may change sex, race or even type, as long as that makes you (and the benefactor) happier. You have an never-ending devotion to this being, while your friends fade to the background…
Perfect Childhood, Body and Friends. Legendary The strongest type of mind-altering potion existing to this day. These can only be made by masterminds, good or evil. This potion does the same as the “Potion of Perfect Childhood and Body”, but not only affects you, but all your relatives, too. The minds of all people you interact with often have their minds altered to gain a nicer version of your history. If your traveling with a bunch of adventurers, all of you may think they were raised by the friendly benefactor that made this potion, going on an adventure to get that one last thing he needed.

Design Note: Please be aware that these potions may swing your campaign in a whole new direction. It can be a powerful tool, however, to keep a campaign running, as the players virtually turn into new characters.

”Liquid Metal Potion”, taken from the game Dofus.

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