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My thought/grumble of the day:[edit]
My pantheon is officially complete!

About me[edit]

I am female. I am currently attending university for chemical engineering. I have a lot of experience editing WoWWiki, but I am very new to the D&D Wiki community. I love to write. I love the fantasy genre and roleplaying games - in addition to D&D, I also play WoW. I love people too. Drop me a line on my talk page if you want help, want to yell at me for a bone-headed edit, or just want to say hi!

What I do here: I am currently working on my own campaign setting and campaign, Aegir and Soul of the Dragon Seer. This will probably take up most of my editing time for quite a while, but I occasionally peruse the work of others and correct grammar/spelling mistakes.

Articles I like (by other people)[edit]

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