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• [ Milestones ]
• Said Hello, who I was

• Added Morton Frightful to my article list

• Working on my campaign's main deity

• Convinced buddy and fellow Ogre to go from lurker to member

• Had just remade the main campaign page, so renamed the old one

  • 500th edit, Talk:Magazine:Issue 1, November 28, 2008
• Discussing possible themes for the new D&Dwiki magazine

• Working on notable Valgorian dungeons

• Received some great feedback from userbase, agreed with outcome

• Adding Interwiki links

  • 2,000th edit, Cutter Kirby (DnD Creature), December 24th, 2008
• Fixing Double Redirects

  • 2,500th edit, Bat Swarm —LotR (DnD Creature), December 24th, 2008
• Fixing Double Redirects

• Fixing Zyana Namespaces

• Layout changing and adding logo

• Removing a redlink

• creating table

• clearing out double redirects

• clearing out double redirects

• putting up the revised Ogre handbook

• clearing out double redirects

• preparing a page for the Valgora D20 Campaign Setting

• discussing d&dwiki in other languages

• Convinced the misses to join the site

• cleaning up after trolls

• updating from Dungeons and Dragons to 3.5e Homebrew

• clearing out Double Redirects

• tagging unused duplicate images for deletion
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