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Hexus535 Talk Page[edit]

Hello All!

Welcome to my page, I am glad you visited. I am currently playing 5e D&D and have a weekly group that I DM for. I got into D&D 4e but quickly moved to 3.5e, until 5e came out. I have posted a few things into this wiki so far and look forward to bringing more that I hope you will all enjoy. I am truly sorry for my horrible grammar, it is not my strong point, but i hope you can look past that and enjoy what i bring to the tabletop. I also humbly request that you keep any thing posed here clean and respectful.


If you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to ask in the Q&A or the Requests. I will do my best to answer or make what you are looking for.


All of the wiki pages I make will have a discussion tab, please use it. I will undo any major changes without first discussing why it should be made. Don't worry I am very reasonable, but I would like a little more then "It's to OP." or "Balancing". Please give me reasons and examples, this help prove your point and your reasoning. If its a good suggestion I'll more then likely say do it.

My Contributions

This is what I have made so far, more to come.



--Hexus535 (talk)

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