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Race: Jackalfolk

Class: Fencing Magician

Background: Executioner


Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 80 lb.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Skin: Dark Gray


Ra-elope is a smaller, wiry Jackalfolk. He speaks in a deep magical voice with lots of power, mostly coming from experience as an executioner and his newer beginnings with magic studies. He has a quite dog-like face, with broad eyes, a long snout mouth, and ears which lay back before he enters battle. He is currently dressed in a butcher's frock with a black hood pulled down, and common clothes with obvious scale mail armor underneath it. He stands as tall as he does, wears his short sword on his side, and has the rest of his possessions slung on his back with his sack and the copped off head inside of it displayed on the outside, with only an extruding sharpened pole coming up over his back.

Ra-elops is proud of his work for Ixenusk, whom he is certain has attended numerous of his executions. Ra-elops is attracted to Ixenusk with her onyx-black skin and long black hair, and her black irises. Ra-elops likes how she dresses revealingly, often with much jewelry, though never nude, and always at least appropriate for the weather. Although Ixenusk allows no doubt that she is from another culture, that hers is a higher society, and that she holds the real authority in this land, Ra-elope understands that his family may not approve of the love of his life, since it is so bold for him.

A similar Jackalfolk, who Ra-elope admires. Art credit goes to Rukis. [1]


Celeste. Ra-elope admires Celeste, but has not ventured too far into the realm of faith. He admires how she turns entire groups of people to her following, since his background of an executioner makes this that much more meaningful. He is not totally bent on his worship yet, and does not wear pure white on top of his armor.
  • I make bad puns and quips in the face of death.
  • I like to act tough and hardboiled when I feel that I've got the advantage, or that I need to secure it.
  • Redemption: No matter how wicked, anyone must be given a chance to repent before meeting their creator. (Good)
  • No one is above the law. No one but this smug rascal who could get off scotfree with that letter of the Cardinal. I will find her and make sure there is no loophole this time.
  • I obey any legitimate authority, even when they might be wrong.




Ra-elope's family is very supportive of Ixenusk. He was brought up near Melinir in a small village and respected Ixenusk's authority. Unfortunately, he began to learn the background of an executioner in multiple small villages and sometimes in Melinir. Because of this scale, his family was worried that their social status would be revealed to courts, and other notary officials. Although this was more or less a minor concern between Ra-elope and his family he felt that it was best to allow his family to continue their lives within Ixenusk's society, but not as a social catalyst working for this society. After multiple executions, and re-affirming his agreements with Ixenusk, Ra-elope thinks that he needs to take the next step to begin to understand the social states of The Rift.

Ra-elope has begun to practice with the rapier, and feels the pull of learning magic, since he feels that there will be more important things to do in Ixenusk's society and for Melinir than just executing. Now, he told his family that The Rift is not all it seems to be, and he needs to work hard to continue Ixenusk's influences. His family has wished him good luck, but does not want people to know that he will be working within his own adventures to solve these ends. The truth of this, however, is also unknown to Re-elope.

The three executions who drew the largest crowds:

  • a hobgoblin who was smuggling confiscated prewar artifacts to criminal organizations (he was punished by being given an artifact while chained to a stage. If he figured out how it worked, he would have his freedom. It was a grenade. The intent was to show people why these artifacts must be collected and destroyed.)
  • the illegitimate half-dragon son of a competing council member (the birthing of half-dragons is a crime, because lesser races are not allowed to sit on the Council of Wyrms, but the children of councilors have the right to be seated. Since there is no method of persecuting fellow councilors by peers, the punishment for making a half-dragon is the execution of the child.)
  • a wizard who was using various forms of magic to record the history of the world prior to the Last War (Not technically illegal. It was implied that he uncovered something which would lead to new global wars, but just what he had done wrong was never publicly revealed. He went along with his own execution unusually cheerily.)

Green Dragon/Ra-elope Bluebook

Faction: None[edit]

Renown: 0

Rank: None



LVL: 1

XP: 300 \ 200

Proficiency Bonus: +2

Short Sword: +5 (Dex +3, Proficiency +2) 1d6 piercing + 3 (Int mod)

  • Attack action, light weapon
  • If the fencer has disadvantage on attack rolls or if enemies have advantage, then they are considered resistant to the Fencer’s Strike damage when hit.

Ensnaring Strike 1/day

  • Bonus action
  • Ra-elope casts a sand-oriented version of Ensnaring Strike as a racial ability. Your weapon conjures a sand storm upon entering the foe, and surrounds him for up to 1 minute blocking his movement, based off the spell Ensnaring Strike.


Plot Points: 1

Hero Points: 6

Ability Score Adjustment Modifier
STR 12 +0 +1
CON 13 +0 +1
DEX 16 (14) +2 (Jackalfolk) +3
INT 16 (15) +1 (Jackalfolk) +3
WIS 10 +0 +0
CHA 8 +0 -1
SAN 10 (Wis) +0 +0

Size: Medium

Speed: 25 ft (encumbered), 35 ft (base)

  • Crawling: 10 ft
  • Climbing: 10 ft
  • Swimming: 10 ft
  • Flying: 0
  • High Jump: 4 ft.
    • From Standing: 2 ft.
    • Reach Bonus: 7' 7"
  • Long Jump: 12 ft.
    • From Standing: 6 ft.

Push, Drag, & Lift: 360 lb

Suffocation:2 minutes without air

Starvation: 4 days without food

UAC: 13

AC: 16

HD: 1d8

HP: 9\9

Massive Damage Threshold: 4

Traits & Features[edit]

Fencing Magician Level 1[edit]

Touché (Fencer’s strike)[edit]

A strike just there, just so, and my enemy bleeds a bit more.

A Fencing magician uses his or her Dexterity modifier + proficiency for attack rolls with light or finesse weapons and adds his or her Intelligence modifier to the damage roll of a successful melee attack made with a light or finesse weapon. This replaces the damage added by a fencer’s Dexterity modifier for light or finesse weapons. If the fencer has disadvantage on attack rolls or if enemies have advantage, then they are considered resistant to the Fencer’s Strike damage when hit.

Lightly armoured arcanist[edit]

The lightest of armours, the finest leathers and the most exquisite mithral shirts; these are the only protection you can wear that do not restrict your agility or grace. Equally importantly, they do not inhibit your spellcasting. At level 1 and again at 6th, 11th, and 16th you can choose one specific medium armor to gain proficiency with.


Feature: Scharfrichter's Stare[edit]

Both commoners and criminals are afraid of your reputation. Neither will report if you overstep the legal lines a bit (such as by not paying for your food, or bruising a captive), and both kinds will be more likely to spill the beans just to get rid of you (or in the case of criminals, to keep you from scraping the beans out of them with a red hot hook). Those who have some standing in the community will not be so easily impressed by some dingy executioner, but maybe their servants will speak freely to you if you block their way in the right dark alley...



Your feral counterpart is well suited for hunting at night, and as such your eyes are adapted to low light conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Animal Senses.

Your sense of smell and hearing is better than most, granting you advantage on Deception, Investigation, Perception, Performance, and Stealth checks involving these senses.


Paladin or not, you are a firm worshiper of a god, or at least you've learned plenty about them. You have proficiency in Religion.

The Desert Is Your Home.

Jackalfolk are a desert-living race, and as such are well-adapted to extremely hot weather conditions, droughts, and feel more at home in sandy environments. You gain advantage on Survival checks made in desert conditions.

Beware The Shifting Sands.

You may cast a sand-oriented version of ensnaring strike as a racial ability. Your weapon conjures a sand storm upon entering the foe, and surrounds him for up to 1 minute blocking his movement, based off the spell ensnaring strike. After you use your ability, you can’t use it again until you complete a short or long rest.




Dexterity and Intelligence


Simple and martial (light or finesse weapons only)


Light Armor, Scale Mail


Poisoner's Kit


Athletics +3, Intimidation +1, Arcana +5, Perception +2, Religion +5

Lacundus Drakulum

  • INT Arcana +5: The war was precipitated by a shortage of naturally occurring magicyte- a crystalline mineral which passively stores magical energy. Today, we mine our magicyte from ancient ruins and artifacts. There are no known remaining sources of natural magicyte.
  • INT Religion +5: The gods protected their temples and faithful from the initial blast of the spellbomb. This action saved the prewar races from extinction.


Common, Dwarvish (seems like Fencing Magician is scholarly.)



Payload: 96 lb

Encumbered: 60

Heavily Encumbered: 120

Encumbrance Limit: 180

lb. Item
5 This book is just a log of transactions made with Hearth Home officials from the council recycling forge over the last six years. Sure enough, they have been paying the smuggler consistently for donations of artifacts. Each entry has two signatures and a council stamp next to it. The last three transactions stand out for their high pay- he made over a thousand gold on the last donation. He really is a professional scrapper!

A small card of stiff vellum is inside the book. Written on it, in arcane inks, is a request made by Overseer Othvurgix, a brass dragon. The request asks the scrapper to prevent future robberies of his cart by keeping it covered and disguised while on the road. It is signed, stamped, and dated to seven months ago.

Finally, pressed in the back cover is a crude drawing of a small valley. In a clearing, between a thicket of trees, is a strange looking box-like structure, austere like most draconic architecture, with a huge rectangular opening which takes up most of its one wall.

2 Short Sword (1d6 piercing)
15 Scale Mail
2 Spellbook and Component pouch
7 Sharpened 10' pole (to display heads on)
0.5 ½ Sack (with a chopped­ off head)
3 Common clothes including a black hood and a butcher’s frock
the farewell letter of an infamous criminal (or wrongly accused convict) and a belt pouch with coins
Dungeoneer's Pack
5 Backpack
5 Crowbar
3 Hammer
20.5 ½ 10 Pitons
10 10 Torch's
1 Tinderbox
20 10 days of Rations
5 Waterskin
10 Hempen rope (50') already knotted to a noose




Total Downtime Awarded:

Downtime Spent:

  • Payment:
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