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Welcome to my page![edit]

I'm a general play-tester for D&D stuff, I do it cause I like too not because I have to, and I sometimes have my moments of brilliance, which sometimes end in absolute disaster (C++ simplification programs are HARD)

That aside I like to help around and possibly try to add my own touch to the community!

Things I'm currently play-testing/Play-tested[edit]

Extensive nine month play testing of Infinium, Gun Mage (3.5e_Class), it was a laugh but it was a horrendous play-test

Balance 0/5 it self min maxes without anyone trying, my DM had to basically divine intervention my character before I made the game no fun for anyone.

Currently having a Winged Teifling playing a Ghost_Rider_(3.5e_Class) in my campaign.

Half Succubus Nymph playing a Demonic_Seductress_(3.5e_Class) in my campaign, she's going to be an issue I'm sure...

I have a recurring bad guy as the "Insane Medic" personality cast as a The_Field_Medic_(3.5e_Class) going to be a fun take

Thing's I've created[edit]

Sadly nothing goes here yet

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