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i make stuff. that's it

alright i should probably type more than that.

what's up, i'm drguest. i got a good bit of ideas for this site; still dunno a lot of things so feel free to yell at me.

things i've made:

main priority: ???

what i wanna make:

  • a cantrip-based casting class, possibly mixing in elements of sorcerers and warlocks but mainly utilizing cantrips. - tried to make one that worked. i legitimately can't tell if it's good or not but i haven't uploaded it here because i don't want to
  • either a subclass for fighter focusing on utilizing heavy weaponry, or a full-on class which is primed for huge-ass weapons. - i got out of my berserk phase
  • huge, huuuuuge sword which is impractical in every sense of the word (out-of-season april fools weapon) - read above reason
  • a better nen-based class which adds more creativity with abilities. lot of work. brain slush already finished on a google doc; too lazy to post it over to here

that's about it see ya

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