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Unprecocious Apprentice [General]

You were a nightmare for your mentor. Even though you showed considerable talent, you never seemed to bother with studies and loved to pull pranks instead.
Prerequisite: 1st level wizard
Benefit: You can spontaneously cast prestidigitation by "losing" a prepared spell of the same (0th) level. Every level after the first, you may choose an additional spell that you are able to spontaneously cast. Before you can select a specific spell you must have successfully pulled a prank with it on somebody else or on a monster.

You may also select two skills from the rogue list, these count as wizard class skills for you.

Due to your laziness, you do not gain the scribe scrolls feat at first level.
Normal: Normally, you can not cast prestidigitation spontaneously and you do not gain skills from the rogue list.
Special: You may only take this feat at 1st level.

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