Unlimited Armory (5e Feat)

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Unlimited Armory

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one conjuration spell
As a serious practitioner of conjuration, you learn to store and reproduce real objects.

Similar to a bag of holding, you create an armory on an ethereal plane that can hold up to 512 cubic feet (exact volume of contents).

You can, as an action or bonus action, deposit any items into your armory by touch of you or a willing ally within 50 feet, and withdraw and/or equip similarly.

You can reproduce objects in your armory (as non-magical objects). Only 10 copies of an object can be reproduced during each long rest. Reproduced objects only last 10 minutes.

You can choose whether objects in your armory disperse from your corpse or are lost to the void upon your untimely demise.

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