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Once you let the anger consume you, it can be difficult to return to what you once were.

Uncontrollable Rage [General, Barbarian][edit]

When you fly into a rage, your vision goes red; You seek to utterly destroy anything and everything in your path, no matter who, or what, it is. Friends and Foes alike fear your terrible fury.
Prerequisite: Must have the Rage class feature. Cannot be a follower of Lunar.
Effect: A character with this flaw is unable to effectively control themselves while raging. They are compelled by their own fury and blood-lust to do everything in their power to attack the nearest living creature, regardless of whether that creature is friend, foe, or unaligned with them, and regardless of station. This includes moving to and attacking the target creature, preferring a full-attack action when possible. Trying to do anything besides these actions, including ceasing the Rage if the class allows for it, requires the raging character to make a Will Save with a DC of 15 plus the HD of the raging character, along with any penalties imposed by the class feature, itself.
Roleplaying Ideas: For Lumu, a Kaori Barbarian, her greatest strength is her anger; when she succumbs to the fury, so pure and so bright, she becomes an unstoppable force of absolute destruction. This same strength, however, is also a great weakness, as it means that doing so subjects her friends and allies to harm by her own hands. It is a difficult burden that weighs on the warrior, forcing her to conserve her fury for dire circumstances, only, and when released, potentially sowing seeds of distrust and malcontent among her party.

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