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The Frail God

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Domains Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Madness
Subdomains Curse, Entropy, Insanity, Thought, Truth
Favored Weapon Improvised Weapon
Symbol A rock embedded into a cracked skull
Sacred Animal none
Sacred Colors Grey
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Uimeall sits alone in a dark and unseen place as a tall moon pale like creature stretched and misshapen a mockery of the humanoid vessel their body has many strange snapping joints that leave them in such discomfort that they moan and groan in pains unannounced to others on how they may actually feel, the very air of where Uimeall dwells stings their pale and thin skin while standing near a meek flame the vary darkness would freeze them still if they are to drift from it though as well if they got to close to the flame they would burn to ashes leading to curses and wailings that can only be known to them of what they may mean, though everything they say is muffled making it even harder for them to be understood as a thin layer of their flesh covers their mouth causing them to starve and forcing them to breathe through their gray blind eyes as they lack a nose or ears they could never dream to leave their domain for the vary light of the outside would scorch as the flame could and placing too much effort on their limbs causes them to have a sickening snap and any wounds Uimeall possesses will refuse to heal which is why their right arm is already broken and their head cracked open exposing all that they know.

Uimeall's sibling was the only being who cared for their existence building wonders that could never be conceived or imagined by any to add comfort to the por God's existence though all contraptions would fall apart due to some unforeseen flaw which would only cause a rage to boil within the sibling as they're always confused to the fact there was a flaw at all with any design causing them to become even more determined to place aside Uimeall's pain till one day when the God reached for a stone while working in their divine forge that sat next to Uimeall the sibling slipped on a puddle hitting their head on the stone as they fell lying dead, tears then fell from the weak gods eyes even though the god had never wept before no matter what pain they felt though as their eyes watered for the first time the water scorched the god's eye blinding them. While weeping in pain and sorrow other gods came to the forge of Uimeall's sibling seeing them dead while The Weak God was steaming the burning eyes and wailing as to what seemed like rage to them and so they beat The Weak God breaking their arm and crushing their skull and as the skull broke open it unveiled the truth as Uimeall's memories were left for them to see after realizing their mistakes and seeing their own weakness within the Fragile god they threw them into the dark where no other could find them and the cold would claim their life for they feared that others may know their flawed actions and selves.

Flickers of The Fragile's thoughts, memories, and knowledge for all to see are exposed unveiling their greatest secrets including the weaknesses of others as, this has led to other gods to seek out Uimeall and harass them despite the Weak God merely wanting to be left alone though few gods are actually aware of their existence and fewer are aware of their location though if one did know it would be easy to subject The Meek to their whims although they do run the risk of their siblings fate who was one of the strongest beings any realm has ever seen though one day tripped and fell hitting their head on a stone resulting in their death.

The Weak One is not well known and to grace any with their name is equivalent to a curse that would unveil all of their flaws to the world those who do know of them usually blame the God for all of their short comings every flaw in their being and every tool or building that crumbles to nothing, all blacksmiths spit on the name of Uimeall with not only disgust but an underlining fear that if they are kind or show mercy on the god's reputation that their constructions will fall apart due to misfortune of some kind.


Those who hear of the god's name, but know not of the story will attempt to worship the god building small groups or communions that gather in caves, sewers, and other dark places they see the value in flaws and weakness never seeking to neglect them while also seeking to expose the flaws in others, leading to these groups to charge themselves with a task of exposing the flaws in a cities or forts defenses, something wrong with a governments functioning, or attempting to unveil the weaknesses of a actors performance whatever the case if their is something wrong they will seek it out. These groups are seen as cults of pessimism and will usually be kicked out of an area or destroyed.

Temples and Shrine[edit]

Any Temple or Shrine built to The Weak God will crumble and fall apart no matter how perfect or stable the structure may seem some unfortunate occurrence will nail a particular flaw or obvious one in a way that causes the structure to fall apart either all together or slowly over time. This has led to cults that had built or found these places to gather in the ruins of such temples, the ruins varying in collections of simplistic and wildly intricate design any shrines however are prayed to even when broken even the broken shrine of another god can be seen as a shrine to Uimeall

A Priest's Role[edit]

Priests of Uimeall wear nothing laying themselves naked, bear to anything that may hurt them and seek no aid or medical attention afterwards and will instead seek ways to prolong themselves without mending their wounds this has led to the creation of a ritual known as "Name Thy Weakness" used by these cults to grant priesthood while also providing the priest the ability to restore their health without losing their wounds, ailments, or the pain they may cause by spells of healing or other means. Such priests are usually seen as eccentric lunatics mad men who don themselves not in armor and cloth but bruises and wounds chanting about a name most have never heard of as well as eluding to knowledge that eludes to the flaws of those around them though they themselves will never mention what it is, they may not actually know anything themselves they may even just be fishing for reactions to discover the weaknesses of those around them through mind games and trickery. These hard-to-understand borderline deranged clergymen and women range from freedom fighters fighting tooth and nail to expose a flawed system that doesn't work to hermits that mope around and curse the earth, skies, and all the gods that can hear their lot in life.


Adventurers of the Weak God will seek to bring down any foe that think themselves powerful or to expose the flaws in logic spoken by someone who think themselves intelligent, adventurers of Uimeall will also either speak the name hardly ever not wanting to curse others with the name or will spread it as much as possible to cause the weakness of all to be known. These adventurers are usually seen as edgy or pessimistic, though their wit and know how of pain and flaws leads to them having a sharp eye of such things causing them to be excellent rogues and torturers.

Holy Text[edit]

As Uimeall has no care for the world outside of The Hole many are left to speculate what the god desires so many usually follow the doctrine or idea that all things have a weakness and all things can fail thus this should be exposed for all to see as often as possible kings who think themselves untouchable should be touched, necromancers who think themselves unkillable should be killed, and any band should be disrupted with the sabotage of their instruments.


Lamento: The only holiday celebrated by the followers of The Fragile is the one at the beginning of every season where they cry all day weeping about the imperfection and pain that can be found in all things even going as far as to pass out from dehydration refusing water to support their bodies.


Everyone Has it Bad: Nobody is having a great life though many would delude themselves into believing that their life is some how worse or superior to others their is no way to quantify suffering for all things do.

Nothing is Perfect: Nothing is perfect nor can anything be perfect so why hide such flaws?

Pain is a Teacher: Anything that causes pain will let you learn something either how to cause it or how to avoid pain entirely for yourself or someone you know.

Relations with Other Religions[edit]

Not many gods have heard of Uimeall though if they have they would never tell this has caused the Weak God to be mistaken for demon or some other type of outsider yet known who hear the description of the being would ever humor the idea of them being a god, for what god truly weak? and so it is mostly the actions of the local cult that leaves the impression of how they may see them other than being foolish and worshipping some ungodly barely known idol.


Uimeall lays deep within some dark place where such a plane has warped around them cracking and breaking shattering even into mirrors this place has become known as The Hole simply by any who know of it for that is how it appears to them a broken piece in a greater empty place a Hole within nothing due to the strangeness of it the beings who know its location refuse to tread in it for its unusual nature instills fear in most who are diving the being daring to tread in such a place only being that of those who come from strange and unfamiliar realms only increasing the reasoning to avoid the place. Inside The Hole is many halls and tunnels formed from a strange inky black glass like substance that shatters constantly forming new pathways strange horrors lurk in this place for only the most alien would dare go there though any who tread their become subject to the strangeness of such a place, deep down within time will randomly change speeds so fast that many will not realize and lose how far or long they traveled or time slows to crawl causing every movement to be long and agonizing, even the undying die in this place once rumored a god of death from another realm sought a way to kill the gods of their home though when they dwelled down within they died similarly to how a mortal dies of old age at least that is what is said, none would dare seek to figure why the Weak God still lives down their or if they even live still perhaps they have become The Hole themselves.

The Hole is theorized by those who have survived and studied it to be what might happen if the plane Uimeall was sent to were to break that the god themself could not be powerful enough to do this, but that perhaps them being their acted as a magnet for something else to cause The Hole to appear that something else dwells within the deep ever shambling dark. Any and all samples of the black glass that have been collected from The Hole eventually fall apart into a fine powder that eventually turns to nothing this powder however has been found to be able to act in place of diamond dust for any spell, though its outcome will be a form of shadow magic manifestation counterpart to the normal result.

Planar Allies[edit]

Any attempt to summon a creature that would be in service or allied to The Fragile instead yields the result of an aberration or other twisted outsider that would dare dwell in The Hole such horrors usually being from beyond and into the outer realms.

Variant Spellcasting[edit]

Cure spells no longer heal or mend wounds though they still restore health and vitality normally causing even a broken arm or gouged out eye to still function magically though it would otherwise be illogical. If a limb were to break again it is once again broken and must be restored.

Templar of The Broken (Antipaladin of Uimeall)[edit]

A Templar of The Broken is a Neutral Aligned anti-paladin that usually act similarly to a priest though they wear armor though that armor comes with a subtle enchantment granted by Templar upon gaining their powers that causes the armor to inflict pain, but never kill or harm the wearer these suits of armor come with blood stains running down from the eye holes of the head piece, a thin figure bearing androgynes features appears molded vaguely into the armor as if the Templar were wearing a statue this armor can be made of any material though the parts that cause the pain are always metal or glass also the armor is worn even when broken and when repaired will still somehow appear so. The Smite Good of the Templar is also treated instead as an ability called Smite Ego.

Smite Ego: Creatures who boast or make some remark about how good they are at something they become subject to the Anti-Paladins Smite Good ability even if their alignment doesn't meet the requirements of the ability.

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