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A character with a demon bloodline has one or more ancestors of demonic origin. The most common source of such a bloodline is a succubus, but any demon capable of taking humanoid form might be responsible for the character’s unusual traits. Characters with a demon bloodline may bear some minor characteristics reminiscent of such an ancestor: sinister glowing eyes, a faint smell of brimstone, or a love of brutality.

Demon Bloodline Traits
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 on Move Silently checks
2nd +2 on Move Silently checks Power Attack
3rd Strength +1
4th +2 on Move Silently checks Power Attack Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex)
5th Demon affinity +21
6th Strength +1 Smite good 1/day (Ex)2
7th +2 on Hide checks
8th Power Attack Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex) Resistance to acid 5 (Ex)
9th Constitution +1
10th Demon affinity +21 +2 on saves against poison
11th Demon affinity +41
12th Strength +1 Smite good 1/day (Ex)2 Resistance to fire 5 (Ex)
13th +2 on Intimidate checks
14th +2 on Hide checks Cleave
15th Charisma +1
16th Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex) Resistance to acid 5 (Ex) Resistance to cold 5 (Ex)
17th Demon affinity +61
18th Constitution +1 +1 to natural armor
19th +2 on Spot checks
20th Demon affinity +21 +2 on saves against poison damage reduction 5/good
  1. You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with demons.
  2. You can smite a good creature with a melee attack as a blackguard of your character level once per day.

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