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Ourobouros small.jpg
Greater Deity
Symbol: A serpent devouring its own tail.
Home Plane: The Inevitable City
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Planning, scheming, intrigue, entropy, madness
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Law, Evil, Darkness, Entropy, Planning, Trickery
Favored Weapon: A quarterstaff

Tzakarath is the Lawful Evil Greater God of scheming, intrigue, planning, entropy and madness. His home plane, the Inevitable City, is a realm of constant scheming and plotting, a silent realm filled with malice. Its buildings are bizarre and warped, shining with alien geometries and dark light, lit by a white sun in a black sky. Madness was its architect and insanity its deviser, yet it is ordered in such a way that it appears to be chaotic, its gateways gaping maws into infinite darkness and endless malevolence.

It floats in the Astral, its form hiding the twisted mind that created it. A mind of a god, omnipotent in its home plane, that tolerates visitors merely for amusement. The palace of Tzakarath is guarded by the Masked Horrors, his servants and Petitioners, so that no intruder or trespasser dares enter. The screams of his playthings echo through eternity as they are tormented by all measure by the unreal truth that they are all his toys, insects to be played with according to his whims.

Tzakarath's Avatar appears to be a man with a quarterstaff, clad in black and purple robes and wearing a mirrored mask that reflects the worst nightmares of those that behold it, driving them insane.


Scheme and plot and plan, do your insane ways, remember above all, we are all his thralls

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples of Tzakarath are commonly hidden in the lands of Westhome, underground, in the dark alleys and the forsaken graveyards, the grand necropoli of Kumlichar and the deserts of the south. His priests are often master manipulators, controlling the fate of cities and nations from their black temples, controlling everything that they see or do, their evil hidden everywhere. Fear them, for they could be anyone.

History (For DMs)[edit]

Tzakarath was originally an archmage, who ruled the Dusk Isles with a malevolent will and an iron fist 10,000 years ago. His soul was destined to go to Baator when he died (for he worshipped no deity and was a paragon of the Lawful Evil alignment), but Tzakarath had other plans. He discovered the secret of the ultimate spell: the Apotheosis Chrysalis, and resolved to become a deity. With his great magical power, he found a piece of the sun that had fallen from the sky, and took it into a magical container. He then applied its energy to a sheet of adamantium, and stepped into the coccoon.

For a thousand years the coccoon drained the energy of the isle, absorbing the life force of its inhabitants and draining all positive energy from it. Soon it was feared as 'the isle of death', for none that set foot upon its shores survived long, and the isle was filled with undead. Then, after a thousand-year slumber, Tzakarath awakened. The island was shattered in his emergence, and sank into the depths of the sea.

His fortress sank, and with it the only copy of the Book of Tzakarath that remains in the mortal realm, along with all his grimoires, which were preserved from the effects of the explosion and the deep sea. Tzakarath spent the next few thousand years expanding his power, eventually becoming a Greater Deity. Now, he has discovered the secret of the Deplorable Word, and seeks to use it to destroy all life in the world before remaking it in his own image. Few people know of his plans, but those that do have warned the entire world, but few take it seriously...

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