Twin-Spears (5e Equipment)

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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Twin-Spears 15 gp varies 16 lb. finesse, versatile, special

A pair of spears that come as a set. The spears are designed to be used one handed, and as such sacrifice their ability to be thrown in exchange for the ability to use two spears at once. These spears can consist of one longspear and one shortspear, or two of one type of spear. A longspear has the reach property, and the shortspear can choose to deal either piercing or slashing damage. As long as both spears are in your inventory/equipped, they are counted as one weapon. If a spear is lost or destroyed, it becomes a spear if it is a shortspear or a pike if it as longspear, until another such spear is acquired.

Versatile: When using the weapons' versatile property, you must be holding each spear in either hand. When used on this way, you may make one attack with each spear using the attack action, each counted as a separate attack and each dealing 1d6 piercing (or piercing/slashing if a shortspear) damage on a hit.

Special: When using the weapons' special property, you must be holding each spear in either hand. As long as you are proficient in Martial Melee Weapons, you may add your ability modifier to the damage of the second spear attack, and do not need the Dual Wielder feat to use both spears. However, you may still gain the benefits of a feat that utilizes dual-wielding.

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A pair Twin-Spears, using one Longspear and one Shortspear.
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