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True Death Level 15 Poison
A vile concoction made using nightshade, the sap of a rare desert scorpion, and a year of blessings by the High Priest of the Kylmor, Demi-god of Murder and Lord of Assassins.
Poison 45,000 gp
Power (Consumable Star.gif Poison): Attack: +20 Vs. Fortitude; the target becomes deathly ill.
First Failed Save: the target is unconscious. (successful save target remains unconscious, second successful save ends effects)
Second Failed Save: the target is dying and must make two successful saves or die. (2 successful save ends).
Aftereffect: if the target still lives, the target may immediately spend one healing surge, is weakened and dazed until target takes a short rest or receives divine healing.
Special: One application of the poison is required before each attack. Applying the poison to a weapon requires a minor action.

Note: The Assassins Guild in Kadishmar is the primary user of True Death poison.

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