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Wondrous item, rare

This magical mask bears the visage of a member of one specific race. As an action, you can don the mask, causing your body to transform entirely into a member of that race, and fusing the mask into your face. While in this new form you may have some minor resemblance to your normal form, such as being particularly tall or retaining distinct facial features, but you are otherwise unrecognizable. To all forms of inspection you appear to be a member of this race.

While in this form, your size and type changes as appropriate. You gain all of the race's traits other than Ability Score Increase(s) and Languages. Any traits which require a choice—such as a subrace—are determined by the mask, and cannot be changed each time you use the mask. E.g., using a dragonborn mask would grant you the traits Draconic Ancestry, Breath Weapon, and Damage Resistance—and the chosen Dragon Ancestry would be the same every time this mask is used. You retain all of your original race's traits as well.

As an action, you can remove your face, causing you to revert to your previous form and removing the transformaton mask from your face.

The DM decides which race and subrace the transformation mask belongs, or decides it randomly by rolling a d100 on the reincarnate spell's table. For the Hyrule campaign setting, the DM can instead roll a d100 the corresponding race table.

Mimic Mask

Sometimes, a transformation mask is created after a specific individual has passed away. This type of mask embodies some portion of the deceased's spirit. A mimic mask functions as a transformation mask, except that unto anyone who knew the deceased individual, you appear magically glamoured to be identical to the deceased individual in your appearance and manner of speech. Anyone who didn't know this person before their death is unaffected, and can discern you are at least slightly different than they were.

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