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Tieflings are a race of humanity that long ago was brought ot the nether regions of Hell by a demonic force of unknown nature. In this respect, they are akin to the cambions, but while cambions are human-demon hybrids, tithelings are humans with a touch of the demonic in them. They have just recently returned to Albion, along with the taken.


Tieflings have a chaotic and destructive nature, much like their demon mentors. They generally despise all life, a side effect of the evil, warping magic used in their creation. Most consider tithelings to be insane.

Physical Description[edit]

Tithelings look much like normal humans, besides their demonic, glowing red eyes.


Tieflings get along only with cambions. All other races hate tithelings for their demonic nature.


Most tithelings are chaotic evil.


Tieflings dwell mostly on the underbelly of Albion Proper, though some can be found in Jacinth.


Tieflings have no religion, but most worship their Demon Overlords, and titheling clerics can draw power from these sources. Choose from the Evil, Destruction and Chaos domains.


Tieflings speak Helltongue and Albionian.

Racial Traits[edit]

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