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"Tiberium Mutant" is a template that can be acquired by nearly any corporeal creature (other than magical beasts) that has been exposed to too much Tiberium radiation, hereafter refered to as the base creature.

Tiberium mutants are the result of Tiberium bonding with the creature on a molecular level. Once the body stops fighting the Tiberium infection, a mutant enjoys modest boosts to strength, hand-eye coordination, and often find themselves to be healed by further exposure to radiation. Unfortunately, a mutant's compromised immune system leaves them more vulnerable to disease, and many mutants die within months of their mutation.

Tiberium Mutants are considered augmented humanoids/animals, and uses all of the base creatures characteristics save for the changes noted here.

HD: A Tiberium mutant's hit dice remain the same

Speed: Tiberium mutants gain 10' (2 squares) while exposed to Tiberium radiation, as energy infuses their musculature

AC: +2 Natural Armor, as crystals infuse the creatures flesh. Increase if you desire a more powerful creature

Damage: Tiberium mutants deal +1d6 damage with their natural weapons, if any, as Tiberium hardens their claws and fangs

Special Qualities:

Tiberium-based Metabolism: A Tiberium mutant is not only immune to the harmful effects of Tiberium exposure, but rather gain Fast Healing at a rate of +1 per 500 TREM/hour of exposure

Magic Immunity: All Tiberium mutants generate a small amount of Tiberium radiation. While not enough to risk mutating nearby creatures, this background radiation will defeat any spell that directly targets the mutant. Spells that attack an area still effect the mutant, though their natural environment may make this difficult. In addition, a mutant cannot use any magical spells, potions or scrolls.

Sonic Vulnerability: Mutants take +100% damage from sonic sources, such as Shout

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -5 Constitution

Skills: +4 Knowledge (Tiberium)

Environment: While a Tiberium Mutant can survive in any region the base creature can, they're more often found in Yellow or Red zones than in Tiberium-free Blue zones.

Challenge Rating: +1 (+2 if in Tiberium Radiation)

DM's Note[edit]

Feel free to add to this template if you require a stronger challenge for your heroes.

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