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Thunder Cannon Musket

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Thunder Cannon Musket 100 gp 1d12+2 piercing 25 lb. Heavy, Special, Two Handed

The Thunder Cannon Musket is a variant of Thunder Cannon, if you have proficiency in that, you do in this. It is a magical staff in the shape of a musket that conjures leaden pellets, then propels them out of the staff with a magic explosion. To use, pick a target within 125 feet of the user and roll percentile dice. For every foot over 60 feet the target is away from the user lowers the result of this percentile roll by 1. If the final result of the percentile roll is 35 or greater, the attack hits, and the target takes 1d12+2 piercing damage, the attack is made with disadvantage if the target is within melee range, and made with advantage if the target is exactly 60 feet away. Because of the exposed magic held in the Thunder Cannon Musket, when firing, the user must make a DC 12 Intelligence Save or take 1 point of force damage. Because of the loudness of the Thunder Cannon Musket, all creatures within melee range of the user, excluding said user, must make a DC 8 Constitution Save or become deafened for 5 minutes. Additionally, because the pellets fired by the Thunder Cannon Musket are fired by an explosion, all creatures in a 5 foot cone in front of the user must make a DC 13 Dexterity Save, on a fail, they take 1d6 Fire damage, and half that on a sucess.

The Thunder Cannon is a heavy ranged weapon that deals 2d6 piercing damage and is available only by the Artificer Class

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