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three weapon fighting [Fighter][edit]

you can use three weapons, one in each hand and another in your mouth, this is known as the art of 'San Buki Shura'.
Prerequisite: BAB+6,, Two-Weapon Fighting
Benefit: You can no use three weapons, the first with -2 penalty, the second with a -5 penalty and the third with a -10 penalty, this also gives you access to other feats which involve using three weapons
Normal: without this feat, you simply cannot use three weapons (unless your creature somehow has four arms or something).
Special: this can be taken as a fighter bonus feat. but only if the character already has Two-Weapon Fighting. When wielding a Light weapon in your offhand and mouth, the penalties decrease to -2 with your main weapon, -2 with your offhand weapon and -5 with the weapon in your mouth.

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