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Thorngage's Doomblades: Both of Alten Thorngage's weapons, fused into a deadly pair of pure black blades.

Alten Thorngage's two sets of kukri's, the Soul Harvesters and the Blades of Fire and Ice, were both in his possession when he was slain for his malevolent deeds by a vengeful victim. Upon his death, his fortress was teleported to the Plane of Shadow (as it was designed to do). His minions, accustomed to the Plane of Shadow, managed to fend off the assailants, keeping Alten's body intact. His Shadow minions and soul fused the two blades with dark energy, and he now lives on as a disjoint consciousness in the Doomblades.

The only way to destroy the Doomblades is to destroy the link to the shadow plane itself - a near impossible task. They are connected by a shadowy cord, similar to the silver one created in the spell Astral Projection. First, one must either use a Disjunction spell to attempt to weaken the cord, with a chance of success equal to CL-20 percent, or use any effect that would normally destroy a sliver astral traveler's cord. However, if this succeeds, a blast with radius 1 mile destroys everything in sight, as a Sphere of Annihilation. There are nine layers of this segment of the cord. Subsequently, one must hit it with light spells until it takes 1000 HP of damage - treat it as having SR 40. Finally, one must use a Sphere of Annihilation to destroy the connection - in the process, the sphere is also destroyed. This does not completely destroy the Doomblades - it only separates them into the Blades of Fire and Ice and the Soul Harvesters. One of these steps can be repaired with a series of 5 Wishes.

The Doomblades are +3 Flaming Burst Icy Burst Greater Wounding Keen Kaorti Resin Kukris, with a host of frightening abilities besides.

  • On a successful hit, the Doomblades deal an extra 3d6 strength damage, which is multiplied by critical hits, and drain 3 levels (no save).
  • If attacking with both blades in one round, a critical hit with any attack is a critical hit with every attack thereafter.
  • As a standard action, you can make one attack with each blade at full Base Attack Bonus.
  • Grants use of the feats Ambidexterity, Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, and Perfect Two Weapon Fighting.
  • On a critical hit, the subject must succeed on a DC 29 Fortitude Save or be bound as Minimus Containment in a coin made of shadow energy, created by the Doomblades, and can make a Caster Level check against 10+Caster Level or HD/2 to ignore protection from possessment. Once imprisoned, the subject takes damage as Eternity of Torture (1 ability drain to all stats until 1). On a successful fortitude save, they take 5d6 additional damage and are subject to a -4 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for eternity (removable only by a Wish or Miracle). The coin created appears to be a normal platinum piece to all but the wielder of the Doomblades, and drain 3 levels on contact.
  • On a critical hit with a natural 20 for the confirmation roll, a blast of pure energy as created by Blades of Fire and Ice is unleashed, dealing 8d10 damage to all within a 15 ft by 60 ft line.
  • In addition, roll d20 upon use of this ability - on a roll of 20, the blast deals 80d10 damage instead and affects all within 1400 ft by 10 miles. This enhanced beam can only be used if the attack also applies Minimus Containment onto an opponent with at least 21 hit dice. The Doomblades can also be used as Blades of Fire and Ice for throwing and attracting eachother - however, this is at the whim of the Doomblades, never requiring a grapple check but only occasionally succeeding.
  • If touched by a being with a soul, the Doomblades can choose to attempt to apply the Binding and Eternity of Torture effect to the touching creature. On a successful imprisonment, Alten's malevolent soul possesses the creature's body. It immediately gains 9 Shadowdancer levels, 6 Cleric levels, and 10 Runecaster levels in place of any other class levels, and becomes an NPC. See the Doomblades' intelligence for how to play this NPC. The Doomblades become normal (if heavily enchanted) kukris at this point, only being able to use abilities if being used by Alten. This possession can be attempted every round while held. Alten will only refrain from doing this if the user has better martial abilities than him.
  • The Doomblades can cast spells as a 25th level Cleric, except all spells are only 90% real (as Shadow Evocation). In addition, wielding these blades summons three Shadows under Alten's control, each equipped with a double-sided Necrotic Focus Ghost Touch Scythe (treat as if dual wielding Scythes that were light weapons), under the effects of a permanent Divine Power spell, and with 11 hit dice.
  • The Doomblades are also instruments that can slay dieties. If activated, simply wielding the Doomblades negates all divine characteristics of dieties within a 1 mile radius, and the instant a diety enters that radius, a field of unbreakable, unpassable even by teleportation, malevolent dark energy, encompassing the border of that range. This also kills any mortals within the area. This effect can only be activated once, and lasts until one diety is slain. Once this period is over or the wielder is slain, the doomblades are almost completely destroyed, as if subject to all effects before the Sphere of Annihilation in it's destruction process. It also becomes vulnerable to divine powers - any diety can destroy it simply by touching the blades.

The Doomblades are also intelligent, having Alten's malevolent soul and mind possessing them. Even if he fails to possess the wielder, he has an Ego score of 66, Intelligence 24, Wisdom 26 and Charisma 27. He also continuously whispers insidiously in the wielders mind, acting as both Suggestion and Insanity at CL 15 every round. Alten is commercially ambitious but mostly without morals.
Strong Transmutation, Evocation; CL 25; Weight: 0 lbs

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