Blades of Fire and Ice (3.5e Equipment)

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Blades of Fire and Ice
Martial Light
Critical: 18-20/x5
Range Increment: 10 ft
Type: var
Hardness: inf
Size Cost Damage Weight1 hp
Fine 2d6 *
Diminutive 2d6 *
Tiny 2d6 *
Small 2d6 5lbs
Medium 2d6 5lbs Inf
Large 2d6 5lbs
Huge 2d6 *
Gargantuan 2d6 *
Colossal 2d6 *
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

The Blades of Fire and Ice started life as the kaorti resin kukris of Alten Thorngage, halfling cleric-rogue, His deeds imbued the Blades with his spirit, and they gained a mind of their own. They try to stick together as much as possible, while causing mischief and attempting to make a name for themselves.

The only way to destroy the Blades is to separate them, keeping your grip on them, and submerge the Ice Blade in lava for 1 full minute, while submerging the Fire Blade in Liquid Ice for 1 full minute. Each round, make an opposed grapple check against +28 (-16 size, +20 racial, +16 Strength, +8 circumstance) to keep the Blades submerged. Each failed grapple check reverses one round of submersion. Once this submersion is complete, the Blades become mostly ordinary Kaorti Resin Flaming Burst/Icy Burst kukris, the exception being that they are completely invulnerable to all damage and sundering. The only way to destroy them at that point is to wait the 100 days for the Kaorti Resin to lose its power.

The Blades of Fire and Ice start as a +3 Flaming Burst short sword and a +3 Icy Burst short sword.

  • If you wield one without wielding the other within one round, you take 3d10 damage and drop the weapon (Fortitude DC 23 negates)
  • The weapons can change forms at will, but they will always have the same attributes other than range, type, size, and it's type, and can only be two separate blades on a double weapon or two light melee weapons of the same type.
  • If they are more than 30 feet apart, the Blades will automatically fly towards eachother, dealing 3d6+16 damage to any in their path, meeting at the center. If used as a throwing weapon, the wielder of the Blades can utilize this effect to deal noted damage by throwing one blade far away while holding the first. However, the wielder must make an opposed grapple check against +20 (-16 size, +20 racial, +16 strength) to keep his grip on the Blade in his hand. As long as you attack this way with both Blades, you do not take damage for separating the Blades - if you fail to keep your grip or attack with only one Blade, however, you take both instances of 3d10 damage.
  • If either weapon is used to attack without the other, you take 3d10 damage and drop both weapons (Fortitude DC 23 negates). They share the same attack and damage rolls, and gain +6 from enhancement to both rolls.
  • You can use both weapons at once with a standard action. However, you take a -4 penalty to the attack roll in addition to penalties for dual wielding.
  • On a critical hit from either weapon, the elements in the middle cancel and become pure energy. The opponent takes 8d10 damage, while all within 10 feet on the Fire Blade's side take the regular Flaming Burst damage and those on the Ice Blade's side take the regular Icy Burst damage.
  • If you are Chaotic Neutral, +1 to both enhancement bonuses. For each step away from Chaotic Neutral you get, -1 to enhancement bonuses.
  • Once per day, you can ask the Blades to concentrate their energy into a beam that starts as the two elements, but becomes pure energy. Make a Concentration check and a Diplomacy or Intimidate check, DC 20. If you succeed, the blades let out an epic beam of pure energy, dealing 8d10 to all in a 15 foot by 120 foot line. This drains the blades, however, and they become +1 for 5 minutes, and cannot use any special abilities listed here for that time.
  • The Ice Blade prefers being used off-hand, while the Fire Blade prefers right. If you do this, you get a +2 to checks made here.
  • As a standard action, you may will the Blades to cast Cone of Cold and Empowered Fireball.

The Blades are also intelligent, with an Ego score of 31, and Intelligence 20, Wisdom 20, Charisma 20.

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