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sword (dual longswords), rare (requires attunement)

there was once an Elven smith, named Aragrel. he had a very beautiful wife, who was a former ranger. they soon had two twins, one boy, and one girl. the father, wanted the boy to be a smith, and the mother, wanted the girl to be a ranger. about 18 years, after the children were born, the Aragrel decided to teach the boy how to make a long sword. the sister, saw the whole ideal, and fell in love with her father's craft. when they had finished making two long swords, Aragrel told the boy to find someone to teach him magic, preferably his mother. so the next day, the boy went out with his mother and sister. they were all using longbows, and on his very first try, the boy hit and killed a deer. the mother was shocked by this, and went to Aragrel. however Aragrel refused to listen, and went off on a furious rant. at the end, he stormed off, and went into town. there, he is said to have gotten drunk, and he did not come back home the next evening. however he soon returned with a pro hunter, a very famous ranger.the ranger had agreed to teach the boy magic, and quickly, the boy excelled. the daughter, continued to watch her father at work, and after everyone else went to sleep, she would get up, and practice making weapons, along with other countless things, such as horse shoes. she quickly became a smith of extreme skill, and made some of the best long swords out of common materials, like iron. one day, Aragrel noticed a pile of weapons and other assorted items neatly tucked away under a row of bushes. they were some of the finest weapons he had ever seem, and went to speak to his son, filled with pride. however, his son claimed to have not made the weapons, and told his father that it would be best to focus on the at hand. Aragrel, embarrassed about interrupting his son who was practicing magic and other skills a ranger possesses, went downstairs. one night, the boy decided to stay up late to practice his magic, without his father, Aragrel's permission. when he went downstairs and opened the door, he noticed that his father's workplace was currently being used, as the lights were on. he decided to investigate, and found his sister making two daggers. he then approached his sister, and started conversation. the boy's sister asked him to keep it a secret, and so the boy promised, in return, if his sister let him help her out. from then on, the two twins would then make the finest tools and weapons together, the finest ever seen. when Aragrel saw them one morning, you can imagine his surprise. that night in his rage, Aragrel could not fall asleep. however, he then noticed the lights were on in his workplace. this made Aragrel even more enraged, and the pro hunter, who was teaching Aragrel's son magic, noticed this, and guessed the cause. he then went to the children and told them of their fathers rage, and their father's plan. the children heeding the rangers advice, did not make new weapons for a week. however, the sister could not resist the urge, and was soon caught by Aragrel. Aragrel was so angry, that someone was using his workplace, to make tools that were better than his, using his materials, that he banned his daughter from his workplace. this made the brother very upset, so he soon hatched a plan. he had finally mastered magic, so he decided, to make two magic weapons, as a thanks to the ranger who taught it to him. he soon pulled his sister into the plan, and they made two of the finest weapons ever known. soon after words, they incorporated several spells into the blades, such as hunters mark, and poison spray. then they gave the two blades to the pro hunter as a gift, and their father could not complain. he was proud that his children were growing up. however, he did not know of the magic contained within them....

Name of item property. Each blade does 3d8 piercing damage whenever held by anybody who is not a ranger. for anybody who is a ranger, one of the swords also poison the target and deals 1d12 damage. however, a hunter who uses the swords also deals an extra 1d6 damgage, whenever they strike a target with the non poisoning blade. at the end of the players turn, if the a sword or more than one sword is not in the players hand or sheath, they magically teleport back into the sheath.

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