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Small construct, unaligned

Armor Class 5 (Magical)
Hit Points 204 (24d6 + 120)
Speed 0

10 (+0) 10 (+0) 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 10 (+0) 10 (+0)

Damage Immunities Poison, Psychic; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks not made with adamantine weapons
Condition Immunities all
Senses blindsight 120 ft., passive Perception 10
Challenge 20 (25,000 XP)

Obfuscated Magic. Unless a creature rolls or has a higher passive perception or arcana than a DC of 30, it cannot determine the spells the Torus attempts to cast or the damage state of the Torus (meaning the Torus will appear unaffected by any damage dealt to it). This DC is lowered by 1 for every 30 points below the maximum the Torus' current HP is at.

Tumultuous Form. At initiative count 20, winning ties, reroll the Torus' initiative. Then, roll 2d6: until this feature is used again, increase the Torus' AC, Skill checks and Saving Throws by the number rolled. Additionally, subtract the rolled number from 13, and increase the Torus' Spellcasting DC and Attack Bonus by that number in the same way. If the Torus' initiative is now 20, it acts immediately.

Immutable and Immovable. The Torus is immune to any spell or effect that would alter its form. Additionally, it is magically held in place, even if defying gravity. The Torus can hold up to 8,000 pounds of weight, any more and the Torus is dragged to the ground until the weight is lowered. A creature that tries to drag, shove or otherwise move the Torus must make an Athletics check against a DC of 30 + the Torus' skill check bonus from Tumultuous Form. A spell that would move the Torus fails to move it unless it is capable of moving an object weighing at least 8000 pounds.

Lingering Sense. Once a creature enters the Torus' awareness, the Torus continues to sense certain things about that creature for 24 hours after it has left the Torus' awareness, regardless of how far away the creature is or what plane it is on. The Torus can sense when the creature has died, and the location the creature ends up in after being affected by a spell or other effect that teleports it (be it Misty Step, a Teleportation Circle, Gate, or anything).

Pandemonic Protection. Each time this creature takes damage, roll on the Pandemonic Protection table.

Concentration Multithreading. When the Torus casts a concentration spell, a thin, coloured thread of the spell’s runes appears amongst the runes on its surface. The Torus can maintain concentration on multiple spells at the same time, with each spell having a corresponding line on its surface, each a subsequent colour of the rainbow, with the oldest spell being Magenta and the newest Violet (Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). If the Torus is already concentrating on a spell when it casts a concentration spell, roll 1d8. If the result is equal to or greater than the number of spells the Torus is currently concentrating on, the Torus loses concentration on the oldest spell.

If the Torus fails a Concentration check, it loses concentration on a random spell. To make the Torus lose concentration on a specific spell instead, a creature can choose to target one of the glowing threads with an attack roll. To succeed they must beat the Torus' AC by 2d4, hitting the Torus normally if they beat the AC by a lower amount.

Spellcasting. The Torus is a 17th-level Spellcaster (DC 13, Attack Bonus +5). When the Torus casts a spell, it needs no Material components, and need not perform Somatic components. If the spell has a Verbal component, this is satisfied by the equivalent magical runes flashing across the Torus’s surface. If the spell has a target other than the Torus, the Torus momentarily freezes in its spinning, the hole casting a line at the center of the target. If the spell has a range of Touch, a swirling, phantasmal hand reaches out from the hole to touch the target when this happens. It is capable of casting the following Spells at random using the Chaotic Spellcasting action:

Cantrips: acid splash, chill touch, Create Bonfire, Eldritch Blast, Fire Bolt, Frostbite, Infestation, Lightning Lure, Mind Sliver, Poison Spray, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Sacred Flame, Sapping Sting, Shocking Grasp, Sword Burst, Thorn Whip, Thunderclap, Toll the Dead, Vicious Mockery

, [[5e SRD:|']]


If the Torus is aware of no living creatures, and all the creatures it could detect at the start of its last turn are now dead, it teleports away. If it has half or less of its maximum Hit Points remaining, it teleports to its creator for repairs, if more than half of its maximum Hit Points remain, it teleports to a random place on a random plane instead. If it sensed a creature teleport with its Lingering Sense since the start of its last turn, the Torus instead teleports as close to the location it sensed the creature teleport to. Otherwise, it uses its Chaotic Spellcasting action.

Chaotic Spellcasting. The Torus prepares to cast 3 random spells. For each spell, roll 1d20 to determine the level of the spell on the Spell Level table, then roll on the table of spells for that level. The spell with the lowest roll for spell level is cast immediately, the spell with the highest is cast at initiative count 20 before Tumultuous Form, and the final spell is at the end of the turn of a random creature the Torus is currently aware of. Between using this action, and casting the spell, a creature can determine the spell which will be cast, and when, as per the Torus' Obfuscated Magic feature.

For spells with a beneficial effect, the target is always itself, otherwise the target is random (for an AoE spell, the Torus choose a random creature it can detect, then places the AoE to include the largest number of creatures possible, including that random creature, but not itself). Any other decisions made when casting the spell are also made randomly (such as a damage type or secondary effect).


Chase. When the Torus attempts to cast a spell that would have no beneficial effect for itself, and no detrimental effect to an enemy, or if the Torus took damage from an Area of Effect of something with a duration longer than instantaneous, it can use its reaction to randomly cast one of the spells in the intraplanar travel table. It uses that spell to travel as close as possible to a creature it can sense, or the last space it sensed a creature (that hasn’t since died), if there are no creatures in its awareness, preferring a position that makes the original spell it started casting able to target an enemy. If the last creature it sensed is on another plane, it instead casts Gate. If the spell cast normally requires concentration, it doesn't when the Torus casts it this way, but the spell ends immediately after transporting the Torus. If the spell cast normally requires a creature to use movement to be transported, it doesn't for the Torus, and the Torus can only transport itself with a spell cast this way.


The Torus of Turmoil can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. The Torus of Turmoil regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Continuum. Use an action or bonus action provided by a spell to apply additional effects (such as the bonus action attack of spiritual weapon). The Torus can only do this for a given spell once per round.


The Torus of Turmoil is a terrifying small construct, covered in swirling rainbow runes, spinning hectically in place pausing only to unleash magical chaos. It appears from nowhere and proceeds to annihilate every creature in its awareness, before disappearing just as quickly to continue its rampage elsewhere. You cannot run from it. It will not stop. The greatest magical scholars struggle to understand it, the strongest warriors struggle to move it. Little is known about who created this monster, or why they unleashed it on the universe, but while its rampage continues the only possible conclusion is the destruction of the Torus... or all life in the universe.

Pandemonium Protection
d6 Effect
1 The Torus takes twice the damage
2-3 The Torus takes the normal amount of damage
4-5 The Torus takes half the damage (rounded down)
6 The Torus takes no damage. Then roll 1d6 - if the result is a 5, the Torus is healed by the amount of damage it would have taken; if the result is a 6, the source of damage rebounds at the creature that caused it, as if they had targeted themselves or included themselves in the area of effect. (So a barbarian’s greataxe would bounce back at them as if they attacked themself with it using the same rolls, or a Wizard’s Fireball would blast back at them, forcing them to make a Dexterity save or take the damage intended for the Torus)
Spell Level
d20 Level d20 Level
1-4 Cantrip 15-16 5th Level
5-7 1st Level 17 6th Level
8-10 2nd Level 18 7th Level
11-12 3rd Level 19 8th Level
13-14 4th Level 20 9th Level
d20 Spell d20 Spell d20 Spell d20 Spell
1 acid splash 6 Frostbite 11 Produce Flame 16 Sword Burst
2 chill touch 7 Infestation 12 Ray of Frost 17 Thorn Whip
3 Create Bonfire 8 Lightning Lure 13 Sacred Flame 18 Thunderclap
4 Eldritch Blast 9 Mind Sliver 14 Sapping Sting 19 Toll the Dead
5 Fire Bolt 10 Poison Spray 15 Shocking Grasp 20 Vicious Mockery
3rd Level
d4 1 2 3 4
d6 Spell d6 Spell d6 Spell d6 Spell
1 Aura of Vitality 1 Fear 1 Melf's Minute Meteors 1 Stinking Cloud
2 Bestow Curse 2 Fireball 2 Protection from Energy 2 Tidal Wave
3 Blink 3 Haste 3 Pulse Wave 3 Vampiric Touch
4 Call Lightning 4 Hunger of Hadar 4 Sleet Storm 4 Wall of Sand
5 Enemies Abound 5 Hypnotic Pattern 5 Slow 5 Wall of Water
6 Erupting Earth 6 Lightning Bolt 6 Spirit Guardians 6 Wind Wall
Intraplanar Travel
d6 1 2 3 4 5 6
Spell Misty Step Thunder Step Dimension Door Far Step Arcane Gate Teleport

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