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The Tale of Seven Swords[edit]

Intended for four level 5-7 to Start adventurers.

At a local tavern in Benneth, a well known scholar has been telling tales, most of dragons and titans roaming the world. One story in particular, however, talks of seven magic swords, and this man claims he knows where one of them is! Is it a trick to lay a bandits ambush? Or has one of the Seven Deadly Swordsmen of Arra been found?

  • Prep Time Large Journey, many hours of prep
  • Play Time Untested, long quest

Quest Introduction[edit]

This journey takes the players around the Coast of Arra, running through forests, chasing thieves down dark alleyways, taking on pirates on the high seas, and fighting for their lives against the Seven Deadly Sins. This will be a pretty long quest depending on how your players work towards finding all seven swords and unlocking their power. Each Sin will have differing strengths and weaknesses, and players will have to gather information about the Sin first in order to gain an edge on the battle.


The legend of the seven swords has been around the Coast of Arra for many decades. The tale talks of seven magical swords that were created for a group of seven knights with specific personalities. One knight pursued fortune; gold, silver, gems and wealth beyond imagining. Another chased love; a charismatic knight capable of charms to seduce and sate his lust. One desired to bring pain to whoever got in his way, and another sought to eat the finest foods no matter what the cost. One desired a comfy lifestyle, to lounge around and let others do all the work. One was always jealous of everyone he met, and the last decided he had to be the best at everything he did. They came to be known as the Seven Deadly Sins, or Seven Deadly Swordsmen. Decades ago, they had mysteriously vanished from the Coast, leaving behind their weapons for others to find. In recent years, however, the swords seemed to have disappeared as mysteriously as their owners. Now local gossip talks of new knights carrying swords with incredible magic are appearing around the Coast. Could the knights be returning? Or are the swords more powerful than everyone realized?


To begin the quest, when the characters are visiting the local tavern, have a bard in the tavern singing songs and telling tales to the patrons. At one point, have the bard go around to each table and tell the tale of the Seven Deadly Sins, and have him hint of the power within the swords. Powerful magic weapons are always tempting for adventurers, so if they take the bait on that and ask for more information, have the bard describe an attack on a farming village near Searun. Tell them of the leader of the marauders and how she was swinging a magnificent greatsword covered in barbs and sharp enough to shear through metal armor. Gossip says that her name is Rena Ironsun, and that she is a bandit from the east who showed up in Benneth one day and amassed a following of outlaws and started terrorizing the country. If the characters are wanting to find her, have the bard say that she was last seen ransacking a caravan due back to this town not two days ago.


Player's will be in the area called the Coast of Arra. The players will start off in the large coastal town of Lion's Breath, where, either by tavern or street, they will learn about the legend of the Seven Swords. Give them just enough to pique their curiosity, and when they believe they found something worth investigating, they will learn about the first blade, named Uthgar, the Hatebringer. They will learn the location of where it was last seen, and that will give them the start of their journey.


The Seven Deadly Sins/ Swordsmen:

Greed- Cutler Grey

Envy- Aimon Ralomys

Wrath- Rena Ironsun

Gluttony- Fowler "Deadeyes" Mildenhall

Lust- Baine Logaire

Pride- Tolgar Whitefang

Sloth- Uzrug

Ruling powers are listed in Coast of Arra, along with other major NPC's. The rest can be made up by the DM for minor characters such as enemies, captains, barkeeps, etc.


Seven Deadly Swords

Greed: Zeal, The Goldsoaked Blade

Envy: Ghost, The Self-Thief

Wrath: Uthgar, The Hatebringer

Gluttony: Yearn, The Devourer

Lust: Rose, The Guilty-Thorn

Pride: Praise, The Kingmaker

Sloth: Rake, The Laze-Blade

Chapter One: Fuel Your Anger:[edit]

The first objective of the campaign is for the players to find Rena Ironsun, the swordsman of Wrath. Rena belongs to a group of mercenaries known to travel between the Kingdom of Benneth and a small coastal town called Searun. To find Rena, the players will need to search around and ask for the whereabouts of the Black Skulls, Rena's band of swords-for-hire. A DC 25 check will place Rena closer to Benneth, and closer to the party, whereas anything lower will place her closer to Searun, which will be a four day travel through forested land.

Chapter Two: Give Into Desire:[edit]

Chapter Three: Eat Your Fill:[edit]

Chapter Four: Believe In Yourself:[edit]

Chapter Five: Just Give Up, Relax:[edit]

Chapter Six: Take What's Yours:[edit]

Chapter Seven: Are You Good Enough?:[edit]

Chapter Eight: Coming Together Again:[edit]

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