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Uthgar, The Hatebringer: Greatsword, One of the Seven Deadly Blades of Arra

The Seven Deadly Sins of Arra, a legend in the area as old as the continent itself, carried with them seven magical blades forged specifically for them. When they were called to battle a demon lord manifesting on the material plane, they disappeared, and their swords along with them. Now, the blades are returning, and hints of the old swordsmen are showing in their new owners.

Uthgar is the manifestation of the sin of Wrath. This sentient blade revels in battle, blood and gore, and always tries to push its wielder to more dangerous battles. When one wields Uthgar, they must make a Will save equal to 15+ # of years wielding Uthgar or else it will corrupt the mind of the wielder. Their alignment will change to Chaotic, and they will constantly try to find anything to fight, no matter friend or foe. They will also be subject to 1d6 points of Wisdom and Intelligence drain, which is drained into the blade.

Enchantment- +3

Speed- This weapon can make an extra attack each round

Improved Bloodfeeding Weapon- Each time this weapon deals damage to an enemy, the blade gains 1 blood charge, up to a maximum of 10 charges. When making an attack, the wielder can spend up to 5 charges to deal an extra 4 points of damage per charge expended. Points last up to 1 hour since gained. Blood charges cannot be gained on the attack the charges were expended.
Strong Enchantment; CL 19; Weight: 20

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