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The Static[edit]

Medium aberration (varies), chaotic evil

Armor Class 15 (Etherial Natural Armor)
Hit Points 240 ((60d8))
Speed 20ft (flying), 60ft (teleportation)

10 (+0) 14 (+2) 16 (+3) 4 (-3) 12 (+1) 18 (+4)

Saving Throws Con +6 ,Cha + 8 ,Wis +2
Skills Perception +2 , Stealth +4 , Intimidation +8
Damage Vulnerabilities Force
Damage Resistances Acid, Radiant
Damage Immunities Psychic, Poison, Necrotic, Bludgeoning Slashing and Piercing from non magical attacks
Condition Immunities Stunned, Surprised, Unconscious, Paralyzed, Poisoned, Frightened, Incapacitated, Restrained(nonmagical)
Senses Blindsense (60ft), passive Perception 15
Languages Can understand common and any language it spoke in it’s previous life or undeath but cannot itself speak more than three words, and in a way that is difficult to make sense of with speech cutting out and grammatical order seemingly randomized.
Challenge 15 (13,000 XP)

Psychic Scramble: attempting to attack or interact with the “mind” of the Static using your own is not a wise idea as the static is immune to all forms of psychic damage or manipulation and often times end up ruining the minds of their psychic attackers by unintentionally reflecting pure chaos back at them. When the Static is hit with a psychic attack the caster must make a wisdom save against their own Dc or else take the full damage rolled of the attack and roll on the short term insanity table. When targeted by a spell that attempts to manipulate or read or link minds with the Static the caster must make a wisdom save against their own Dc or take “1d6 plus an additional d6 per level of spell cast” psychic damage and must roll on the short term insanity table. if the caster is immune to psychic damage themselves the damage is instead treated as resistance but resistance is treated normally and they still roll on the insanity table.

Quantum Nature: the Static is also immune to the effects but not damage of Chronomancy and Dunamancy spells (time and space magic) and has 1d4 -1 (min:1) actions, 1d4 -1 (min:1) reactions, and 1d4 -1 (min:0) bonus actions per turn as time fluctuates around them.

Incorporeal Movement: The Static can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. it takes 5 (1d10) force damage if it ends it’s turn inside an object.

Detect Memory Source: The Static can magically sense beings or objects that were present at the time their spirit was destroyed and are drawn to them as long as they’re on the same plane.

Flux State: at the end of each of the static’s turns roll a d20 and on a roll of 11 or higher it blinks out of existence (it does not go to the astral plane but it’s form simply disperses so thin it practically is nonexistent) until the start of its next turn where it must roll again appearing at a random location within 10 feet (for each turn out of combat) of where it disappeared if it rolls a 10 or lower. this is a passive effect and cannot be stopped except by magic that stops planar travel or incorporeal movement even the static itself cannot control this.

Uncertainty: The static remains largely undetectable by Divination magic and supernatural senses, any spell or ability that would reveal their location instead reveals possible places they are likely to be, and any spells that would directly allow you to see or hear them fail automatically.

Information Conservation: when the static is reduced to 0 hit points it is dispersed and spends 1d4 days reconstituting it’s form. It continues to do so until it has its information repaired, it has its information recycled or truly erased from reality by extremely powerful epic or divine magic, or until it becomes trapped by magical means.

Free Radicals: a creature starting its turn within 10 feet of the Static takes an automatic 4 (2d4) radiant damage


Superposition: the static can make two duplicates of itself as an action that act as if from the spell mirror image except as a bonus action the static can swap places with one of its doubles. If the static is directly targeted with a concentration spell by another being that is aware of its exact location, it cannot use this effect. this can be used in conjunction with the Impermanence of Being ability without conflict but cannot be stacked upon itself.

Impermanence of Being: as an action the Static can roll 1d4 and become imperceptible to a quantity of senses equal to the number rolled for 3 rounds or until it makes an attack, this can be used in conjunction with the Superposition ability without conflict but cannot be stacked upon itself.

Information Drain: once per turn as an action the static can attempt to grab a creature within range and steal its uncorrupted information, the target must make a Dc18 Intelligence saving throw or take 2d10 psychic damage and lose “1d4 minus 1” points of intelligence, if a target’s intelligence is reduced to 0 by this effect it instantly dies and becomes a static within 1d4 days. The effects of this can only be reversed by a remove curse, greater restoration, or wish spell before the total intelligence score is reduced to 0

Entropic Rend: the Static makes a Melee attack against a single target +7 to hit, reach 5ft, Hit: 25 (3d12+7)force and 10 (1d6+7) necrotic damage


Entangled Fates: The Static can use its reaction to link it’s hit points with another creature it can see, the linked creature must make a DC:18 charisma saving throw or take the same damage the Static would take including overkill as unavoidable force damage or half as much on a success, the link then ends.

Static sketch

A soul somehow barred from the afterlife destroyed by any means (but not captured) becomes a static after 1d4 days. Normally the pieces of information that make up a soul would be recycled in the void or some other plane that recycles souls but instead the scattered information of these lost souls has nowhere to go and so it lingers as a hollow static shadow of even what it once was as a ghost. These abhorrent beings are lost within themselves as a jumbled mess of quantum soup but while their information of who they once were or what happened is all in chaos the information is not lost and the static will stop at nothing to reorder itself However these beings of purest entropy will often have the opposite effect of that intended, instead causing others to become lost to similar fates by trying to absorb more information into themselves in futile attempts to cling onto order. Often they will revisit the source of what erased them or hunt the person that doomed them to this fate in not so specific hopes that memories will return or can be taken. it is even rumored that if ten or more of these beings collapse into one entity they can form a sentient sphere of Annihilation that can wander freely however even in this form if the sentient sphere contacts a true sphere of Annihilation it will be instantly absorbed and trapped within.

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