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Not only is the Sapphire Rod Of Azure a potent weapon but it also allows its wielder access to incredible power. From it's powerful tip, the Sapphire Rod can right wrongs and save the world from all tyranny and crime. Even if an evildoer survives the powerful attacks of the rod, only the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus can even compare to it's power.

Lore: The Sapphire rod is the symbol of officer for the rule of the heavens, for she who wields it rules Heaven. (Knowledge [the planes] DC 20) Crafted from a single Sapphire of incredible size, it was bathed in the blood of a thousand devils in Azure's quest for justice. It is also coated with the blood of the 666 angels that were killed in the great war between Azure and Asmodeus (Knowledge [the planes] DC 30)

Description: This scepter is a 4-foot shaft carved from a solid sapphire. Along its length are the names of the evil deities and daemons spelled in reverse and stained in holy water. The bottom is smooth as if it were crafted by the magic hands of Azure herself. The top of the rod is a hand holding a sun. The Sapphire Rod glows with power, shedding a soft, blue light. Just prior to releasing a blast of energy, it flares holy white flames sending light in all directions to ward off evil. Furthermore, its wielder's eyes turn to a cute baby blue.

Activation: The Sapphire Rod always functions as a weapon. As a standard action, a wielder can activate any of its other special abilities once per day. Azure can use them at will, each as a swift action.

Effect: When wielded in combat the Sapphire Rod of Azure acts as a +6 Holy Greatclub. Whenever it strikes a target or is touched without Azure's assent, it also delivers a strike equal to that of an inflict critical wounds effect, except with positive energy (caster level 20th, DC 19 for half). This positive energy is special in that it can harm both living and undead beings. In addition, the wielder can activate any of the follower effects. The save DC for each effect equal to 10 + 1/2 the wielder's HD + the wielders Cha modifier.

~Line of Lighting: 150-ft line, damage 20d6 electricity, Reflex half
~Line of Force: 150-ft line, damage 20d6 force, Reflex half
~Cone of Fire: 75-ft cone, damage 20d6 fire, Reflex half.
~Aura of Might: Anyone attempting to attack the wielder must first succeed on a Will save or instead bow down, becoming helpless for 1 round.
~Protection of the Heavens: Once per day, as an immediate action, the welder can encase herself in a 5-foot-radius spherical wall of force. The area 50 feet around the sphere (but not within it) becomes an antimagic field. This effect lasts of 3 rounds. In the first round, the wielder is automatically purged of any unwanted enchantment spells or effects. In the second, the wielder is purged of any diseases, poisons, or physical maladies (including lost body parts). In the third round, the wielder is healed to full hit points, and feels refreshed as though she had just rested a full day, regaining spells and spell-like abilities accordingly. This ability triggers automatically (without the wielder having to spend an immediate action) if the wielder ever fails a save against an unwanted enchantment spell or effect, such as a charm person or dominate monster.

Aura/Caster Level: Overwhelming conjuration and evocation, overwhelming good. CL 30th. Weight: 5 lbs.

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