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Pantheon Warlock[edit]

While some warlocks may make deals to attain their power, others become voids of which several sources of other worldly power leaks to.These warlocks may share a few similarities with others but exist in a more chaotic state as different sources of power rage war within them. The beings of which this power is drawn tend to not enjoy a mortal gaining their power for free, and will often try to form a full contract or kill the target using various creatures or followers. Please note that the Pantheon warlock is not intended for all games. This can draw a lot of attention to the warlock that can disrupt more railroaded games. The DM would also need to work out what exactly appears and when. While the Patron's Pull does have listed values of when creatures/followers appear and general CR of creatures, the DM may choose for something else to appear or for Pull to use different values without telling the player.

Pantheon of Power[edit]

At first level a Warlock chooses three Patrons from the list below. Each patron gives their base spell list as well as features at each level. At any point as a standard action the Warlock may accept a contract with any of the chosen Patrons, gaining their full spell list and empowered effects. This does cause the Warlock to permanently lose the benefits of the other Patrons as well as their Patron's Pull. This does cause their subclass features to recover as if they had a long rest but has no other resting benefits. The Warlock must change any spells received from other patrons when the contract is made.

Each Patron has Patron's Pull, a number that increases for that patron each time that Patron's feature is used by 1. This Patron's Pull determines whenever a Patron's annoyance with and influence over an individual. This number determines both when a Patron decides to send a creature/follower in order to either try to establish a contract or attempt to kill the target, as well as physical changes in the character (listed under each Patron). The table below shows a general Patron's Pull and what CR of a creature they would send whenever that Pull is achieved. In general the creature is called by the Patron from a nearby location to go into the area giving them a travel time to the Warlock. The types of creatures the Patron can send is listed in their information.

While the creature knows the Warlock'a location as of the last time they used the patron'a feature, they do not know precisely where the target is if they have moved, however they do gain advantage on all checks related to tracking the creature as they can vaguely sense their master's presence. Starting at Patron's Pull 10 the creature may use it's movement to teleport to a point that is both inbetween itself and the Warlock, and one mile away from the Warlock. This cannot be used if the creature is closer than a mile from the target.

Starting at 15 Patron's Pull, the creature may pin point the Warlock'a location from any distance. If the Warlock transfers planes, the creature knows the plane the Warlock has moved to.

Starting at 20 Patron's Pull, the creature may use it'a movement, bonus action, or reaction to move into a space adjacent to the Warlock. They also have advantage on all rolls against the Warlock.

Patron's Pull Average Creature CR
5 1/2 (Often just a warning)
7 1
10 2
13 3
15 4
17 5
20+ Increase CR by 1 for every 2 Patron Pull

The DM may have it be multiple creatures of lower CR in cases of there being no creature of that type at that CR.


The DM may change these patrons to others that fit within their world. The format for patrons is as follows Name Domain Creature types for Patron's Pull Brief summary of the Patron Visual Effects of the Patron's Pull (These vanish from other Patrons when a contract is made with it. The Warlock advances to the end of the transformation track for the Patron. As a bonus action they may assume or drop these traits for the Patron they have made the contract with. Any contract abilities given by this is only available whenever the Warlock is in this form.) Expanded Spell List, Pantheon of Power only grants the first spell of the list until a contract with the patron is made Pact Features




Theamac is the keeper of the things too strong to be killed by the other Patrons or even Gods. His prison makes up the entirety of the plane of Dread. (Using the Emotion Planes) Each creature imprisoned there either has personally offended the Patron, or he has been paid to keep. Various fiends, monsters, and Warlocks who had died that made pacts with Theamac walk along the cells to ensure no escape. Warlocks killed by his creatures are kept in the cells for all eternity.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 Slight black rings appear around the Warlock's wrist, ankles, and neck.
14 Ethereal black chains appear on the above mentioned areas. This has no slack or chains running off from the creature.
21 The chains grow longer up to the Warlock's level in feet. Whenever a Warlock becomes contracted with Theamac, they may use these to make a Cha based Athletics check on a creature their size or smaller within range in attempt to grapple it, even if the creature can't normally be grappled. While magical effects like freedom of movement are unaffected, this does allow for the Warlock to try to grapple creatures such as Oozes and Ghost.
Spell Level Spells
1 Mental Bindings (5e Spell), Chains of the Guilty (5e Spell)
2 Arcane Lock (5e Spell), Locate Object (5e Spell)
3 Mass Mental Bindings (5e Spell), Chains That Bind Us (5e Spell)
4 Locate Creature (5e Spell), Private Sanctum (5e Spell)
5 Hold Monster (5e Spell), Wall of Force (5e Spell)

Reinforced Binding Increase the DC of anything that grapples, paralyzes, restrains, or incapacitates that target that has a DC by 2 as a reaction. This may be used to increase a creature's grapple check. This stops functioning after 12 hours and may not stack. This is usable once per short rest. Empowered: This increases by 1 at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Symbol of the Jail Keeper Starting at 6th level, once per long rest you may spend 10 minutes with a creature inscribing a mark upon them. As long as the creature is on the same plane you know where the creature is, however it does not have pin point accuracy will only tell their location up to a mile of their actual location. This lasts for 24 hours. Empowered: If the creature changes planes you know what plane they have moved to. This effect now lasts up to one week.

Conjured Manacles Starting at 10th level, as an action you may produced black ethereal manacles that can be used to bind ethereal creatures as well as material ones. These manacles have a DC equal to the Warlock's spell DC. The Warlock may only have up to their Charisma score (not modifier) in manacles at any one time. If a new one is made the oldest one vanishes. Empowered: Increase the DC by Reinforced Binding permanently. In addition reinforced binding may be used on these three times.

Dragged into Despair Starting at 14th level, as an action target creature in range becomes restrained if they fail a Strength save. They may use their action each turn in attempt to break free, each time they attempt to, the DC increases by 1. Empowered: On three failed saves the creature is transported to a cell in Despair.

Jyla (Jew-La)



Jyla is the messenger of the gods. She is also responsible for ensuring that prayers from commoners who do not have a true connection with a god is heard by that god. She rules over the plane of Touched, where all messages and prayers that go throughout the planes go to before heading to their rightful place. Touched is entirely inside of a tree that has roots branching out into all planes. The inside of it has various animals and fey quickly sorting out the messages. Warlocks who have devoted themselves to Jyla are forever her messengers and will use the branches of Touched to carry out her work.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 The Warlock's ears enlarge slightly.
14 The Warlock's ears are three times the normal size for their race. Their legs also have joints that cause them to bow backwards.
21 The Warlock's eyes are now twice the normal size for their race. Whenever the Warlock becomes contracted with Jyla they gain advantage on perception checks regarding sound. They are also able to hear prayers and know their origin within 100 feet per Warlock level around them.
Spell Level Spells
1 Comprehend Languages (5e Spell), Speak with Animals (5e Spell)
2 Animal Messenger (5e Spell), Detect Thoughts (5e Spell)
3 Sending (5e Spell), Phantom Steed (5e Spell)
4 Freedom of Movement (5e Spell), Divination(5e Spell)
5 Teleportation Circle (5e Spell), Contact Other Plane (5e Spell)

Holy Messenger You can use the message cantrip. This does not require any sort of verbal, somatic, or material components. Empowered: The range of message is equal to 100 x Warlock level.

Fleet of Foot Starting at 6th level, when doing long distance travel, you may ignore terrain other than extreme conditions such as a sheer mountain. This does not allow for travel the Warlock to travel over terrain that normally couldn't travel through without the probably vehicle such as water. Empowered: This allows for normal travel throughout any condition. This may also effect up to the Warlock's charisma modifier worth of creatures.

Roots of the Tree Starting at 10th level, as an action you may locate the closest root of the plane of touched. This may be used once per long rest. Empowered: By looking at a root you may determine where it leads to. Once per long rest you may as an action determine where a teleportation magic leads to. It must be magic you have seen within the last round.

Messenger of Gods Starting at 14th level, you may cast the spell teleport once per long rest. Empowered: Once per long rest you may cast Plane Shift.

Fae-Yyt (Fey-Yet)



Fae-Yyt is the Patron of Hope. Often times depicted as a bright burning light. She resides within the realm of Hopeful. She has always favored the loosing side in any conflict, wars that she becomes interested in often are drawn out far beyond their normal duration. During these conflicts an avatar of her's will appear to rally the losing side or her power will touch them to empower. Contracted Warlocks are kept in the consuming light of Hopeful until such a time Fae-Yyt sends them out to do her will.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 The Warlock's eyes become foggy and slightly glow.
14 The Warlock's skin becomes solid white.
21 The Warlock constantly glows as if they had Light cast on them. This Light is always white. Empowered: Once per Long Rest the Warlock may increase the intensity of this light to the Daylight spell.
Spell Level Spells
1 Faerie Fire (5e Spell), Bless (5e Spell)
2 Warding Bond (5e Spell), Prayer of Healing (5e Spell)
3 Crusader's Mantle (5e Spell), Call Lightning (5e Spell)
4 Aura of Purity (5e Spell), Aura of Healing (5e Spell)
5 Hallow (5e Spell), Circle of Power (5e Spell)

Holy Wraith Once per long rest, as a bonus action you may empower allies within 30 feet. Allies gain your Charisma modifier to damage until your next turn. Empowered: This also applies the same bonus to hit.

Prayer of Vigor Starting at 6th level, the Warlock may add their Charisma modifier to temp hp that they, or any allies within 60 feet gain as a reaction.

Empowered: This effect is automatic on yourself and allies within 30 feet.

Prayer of Hope Starting at 10th level, as an action you may petition Fae-Yyt to interfere directly with with events. You may only use this ability if you or another ally within range is in immediate life threatening danger (Your dm will tell you before the roll is made if they classify the situation as such, if not you may choose to do another action). There is a cumulative 5% chance for her to hear your call. This may replicate a cleric spell up to 5th level. Once used Fae-Yyt will expect a payment of 100 gold per time this was used +100 gp per spell level or items of equal/greater value. This feature may not be used again until the Warlock spends 10 minutes preforming a ritual to send off the items.

Empowered: The chance increases to 10% per use. In addition you may choose to summon a Warlock with your statistics (fully rested, but may not use this class feature) This Warlock cost 200 gp per Warlock level you possess to summon and will leave after 24 hours. This Warlock will obey you to the best of it's ability. If 400 gp per level is used instead, they stay summoned for one week instead. The maximum spell level you can get is equal to half your Warlock level rather than 5th level.

Hopeful Aura Starting at 14th level, you may cast the spell Holy Aura once per long rest. Empowered: You may instead cast Mass Heal.




Gunardo, the reluctant Patron. Gunardo is one of the very few known deities that truly hates their role for unknown reasons. His home is the plane of Sorrow, a mirrored world of Altet, but with ash instead of dirt, trees blackened, cities long since fell. The sky perceptually covered in grey clouds. The only inhabitants of the land are the undead and Oozes that naturally spawn in the ruins of civilization, as well as a few Warlocks who have contracted themselves to Gunardo who attempt to rebuild the cities only to watch them fall for all eternity. While he fall under the domain of Ilo, he has consistently shown he does not wish for her to destroy.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 The Warlock's arms have black vein's that slowly progress.
14 The veins spread covering most of the Warlock's body but is still able to be covered with heavy clothing.
21 The Warlock skin becomes grey, their eyes become duller color with a hint of sadness at most times. Their veins are all bulging and completely blackened. Empowered: As an action the Warlock may touch an object or construct, it takes damage equal to twice the Warlock's level, the Warlock takes damage equal to their own level. This damage is untyped and does not give a save, however the Warlock must be able to touch it with a spell touch attack.
Spell Level Spells
1 Inflect Wounds (5e Spell), Bane (5e Spell)
2 Gentle Repose (5e Spell), Sphere of Ruin (5e Spell)
3 Bestow Curse (5e Spell), Animate Dead (5e Spell)
4 Storm Sphere (5e Spell), Vitriolic Sphere (5e Spell)
5 Immolation (5e Spell), Destructive Wave (5e Spell)

Ashes to Ashes Once per short rest, as a bonus action you may empower allies within 30 feet. Allies gain your Charisma modifier to damage objects and constructs for the next 2 rounds.

Empowered: Allies also gain advantage to hit against objects and constructs for the duration.

Dust to Dust Starting at 6th level, Ashes to Ashes also applies your proficiency bonus to damage.

Empowered: Ashes to Ashes also grants the Siege effect.

Ashen One Starting at 10th level, once per long rest as an action you may choose a target within 60 feet. That target makes a Constitution save. On a failure their weapons and armor (if any) turn to ash and fade away. If one of the items that would be destroyed is very rare they gain advantage on the save. This does not affect legendary items.

Empowered: Before they make the save, you may choose to destroy all objects they carry rather than just armor and weapons.

Destructive Touch Starting at 14th level, you always have the effect of Ashes to Ashes on yourself.

Empowered: Ashes to Ashes how has a duration of 10 minutes on allies.




Drakon is very much a minor deity since the extinction of the dragons, though he is chief deity of the moderate plane of pride. Not too much is known about him, or his plane.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 The Warlock grows two horns on either temple that slowly grows until 21 pull.
14 The Warlock grows vestigial wings.
21 The Warlock's skin color changes to that of his wings and becomes scaly. Empowered: Once per Long Rest the Warlock may use Breath Weapon as if they were a Dragon Born.
Spell Level Spells
1 Burning Hands (5e Spell), Chromatic Orb (5e Spell)
2 Skywrite (5e Spell), Find Steed (5e Spell) Find Steed appears as a dragon and with the statisics of a warhorse and a fly speed of 15 feet.
3 Fireball (5e Spell), Phantom Steed (5e Spell) Appears as a dragon with normal statistics for the spell, fly speed of 30 feet.
4 Faithful Hound (5e Spell) Appears as a lizard, Polymorph (5e Spell) Polymorph may be used for dragons only instead of Beast with a maximum CR of 6.
5 Dominate Person (5e Spell), Immolation (5e Spell)

Draconic Connection You act as if you are using Locate Creature at all times without concentration searching for dragons. Whenever a Dragon enters this area Patron's Pull is increased Empowered: You automatically know the hatching conditions of a dragon egg you touch.

Draconic Companion Starting at 6th level, as an action once per short or long rest you may summon a dragon CR 2 or lower. This dragon appears within an unoccupied space within 30 feet. It stays within the area and will follow your verbal commands for 1 minute or until it is reduced to half health, at which point it vanishes.

Empowered: You gain an dragon companion with CR equal to 1/3 your Warlock level or lower. If this companion dies or wish to replace it, you may petition Drakon to send a new one in a ritual that takes 24 hours to cast and uses 200 gp per CR of the Dragon. If you use the above ability while within 5 feet of your dragon companion then you may have the summoned dragon's CR be equal to 1/3 your level.

Draconic Ally Starting at 10th level, you gain advantage on all skill checks regarding dragons, this does not apply for any checks made in combat that could negatively affect a dragon. Empowered: Unless you actively work against a dragon, dragons will respect you and not try to harm you. This benefit does not extend to allies.

Draconic Wings At 14th level, you gain the ability to sprout a pair of dragon wings from your back, gaining a flying speed equal to your current speed. You can create these wings as a Bonus Action on Your Turn. They last until you dismiss them as a Bonus Action on Your Turn.

Empowered: The fly speed is equal to twice your move speed.

You can’t manifest your wings while wearing armor unless the armor is made to accommodate them, and clothing not made to accommodate your wings might be destroyed when you manifest them.




Llyma is the great spirit of water that is connected to all drops of water across all planes to some extent. Llyma herself stays within the Isolated plane. It is said that the plane consist of nothing other than Llyma and an eternal water. No light, no animals. She takes the souls of Warlocks contracted to her and binds them to various bodies of water to embody it.

Patron's Pull Visual
7 The Warlock's hair is always wet. Always.
14 The Warlock's skin takes on a blue hue. Their hair is now entirely made of water.
21 The Warlock's body now appears as if they were entirely made out of water. Empowered: They gain vulnerability to cold damage and immunity to fire.
Spell Level Spells
1 Create/Destroy Water (5e Spell), Fog Cloud (5e Spell)
2 Snowball Storm (5e Spell), Alter Self (5e Spell)
3 Wall of Water (5e Spell), Tidal Wave (5e Spell)
4 Watery Sphere (5e Spell), Control Water (5e Spell)
5 Maelstrom (5e Spell), Conjure Elemental (5e Spell)

Aquatic Control You may use the cantrip Shape Water at will. Empowered: Shape Water affects a number of 5 foot cubes of water equal to your level.

Swimming Starting at 6th level, you gain a swim speed equal to your land speed. If you have a swim speed already it is increased by this amount. You do not roll concentration checks while on a ship due to the ship's movement or a storm.

Empowered: The swim speed is equal to twice your land speed. You also add this amount to a ship's speed that you are on.

Aquatic Transportation Starting at 10th level, once per long rest you may touch a body of water and teleport to any point that the water connects to within 100 feet per level.

Empowered: This amount increases to 12 miles per level. You may use this after either a short or long rest. You may also now breathe water as if it were air.

Aquatic Domination At 14th level, you may use either Control Water or Watery Sphere once per long rest.

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