The Moon Pearls (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, rarity varies (requires attunement)

These moon pearls were created by moon elves, aberrations, air elementals, and other ancient, moon and air species. 20 types of these moon pearls were created, and each of them have special powers. Please note I didn't create all 20 pearls, so please make more if you want (create them above the picture).

Pearl of owls, uncommon

This pearl holds up to 20 charges. You may spend 1 charge to transform you, or someone else into an owl (if unwilling, you must spend 2 charges, and it may make DC 15 Charisma saving throw). When transformed, the creature retains its ability scores, alignment, personality, and magic (in owl form, it can cast spells that don't need material components). Other abilities are replaced by the owl's abilities. Any equipment merges with the new form except armor, which changes shape and size to suit the creature. Gauntlets become metal claws and moon pearls fuse into creatures chest. You may use the moon pearl to deactivate the transformation, or after 6d8 minutes the transformation reverts over the course of 1 minute. You may also summon a swarm of owls(use the swarm of ravens statblock with the minor change that the creature has Darkvision) with 5 charges (the owls are loyal to you and they disappear after 4d8 minutes). You may spend 3 charges and touch a creature to cause it to grow owl wings, and gain a flying speed of 60 ft. You are able to speak with owls(as per the Speak with Animals spell), and you may spend 1 charge to grant another creature this ability. This pearl regains 1 charge at moonrise.

Pearl of night, very rare

This pearl holds up to 10 charges. You may spend 1 charge to cast darkness as a 3rd level spell. You have darkvision out to 120 ft, and may spend 3 charges to give another creature darkvision out to 60 ft. You may spend 5 charges to cast hunger of hadar. This pearl regains 1d4-1 charges at moonrise.

Pearl of wolves, rare

This pearl holds up to 15 charges. While this pearl is on your person, you can use your bonus action to become a werewolf. You may also spend 5 charges to transform a creature into a werewolf, or you may spend 3 charges to transform a creature into a wolf and its abilities are all replaced except for ability scores, alignment, and personality. This change lasts for an hour or until you dispel it as a bonus action. Additionally, you can communicate with wolves(as per the Speak with Animals spell), and you may spend 1 charge to grant another creature this ability. This pearl regains 1d4 charges at moonrise.

Pearl of Stars, uncommon

Up to 20 of these pearls are kept in a small bag, a creature can use one of its attacks to throw one of the pearls to a point within 60 feet. Each of these pearls sheds dim light for 5 feet around it. A creature holding the bag can use its bonus action to detonate all the pearls outside the bag. A creature within 5 feet of one of the pearls takes 1d6 radiant damage per pearl they are within 5 feet of. The bag regains 1d4+1 pearls each day at moonrise.

Pearl of clear thought, uncommon

While you are touching the pearl, you can communicate telepathically with a creature also touching the pearl, even if you don't share a language.

Pearl of Illusions, rare attunement

This pearl has 10 charges. While attuned, you can use charges to cast the following spells: Minor Illusion(1 charge), Silent Image(2 charges), Blur or Mirror Image(4 charges), Major Image(6 charges). The pearl regains 1d4 charges daily at moonrise.

11 moon pearls strung on a bracier part. Source.

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