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The Aegis[edit]

Evolving into Warforged's long term presence in the west??

The Aegis evolved out the results of the Mutiny of the Warforged in 75 FA. With the Eternal Legion a shadow of it's former self after the war against the Dragon and the West again threatening to fracture into civil war, the surviving Warforged, led by Mars and Krieger, left their respective sides of the conflict and formed a neutral force. Praetor Mars, leader of the Warforged of the Eternal Legion (at the time tied to the Centrality and therefore House Tionne), had set a pact with Lord Krieger, the leader of almost 100 Warforged fighting for the Ramosian Coalition. The two of them had coordinated to withdraw and bring the warring factions to peace should war come and now it did. Mars had also gone to extreme lengths to collect the Warforged 'diaspora' from the far corners of Dominaria. Left behind on campaign or sent afield on long patrols or explorations by Emperors long dead, Warforged long absent from the Eternal Legion returned. The mutineers and the long-absent rendezvoused in the ruined village of Chantain. The small town, so long abandoned that it falls on no current map, was the ancient birthplace of the Warforged It was here the Warforged returned and founded the Aegis. This new force was pledged to protect the realms of the West as whole, not any one nation, state, or noble House.

After gathering their strength and attempting what diplomacy they could, the Aegis moved out to bring the nascent civil war to an end. With word of a united Warforged host marching for the front and the death of Lord Adam Renzel by an unknown assassin, the leaders of the West were convinced to come together to settle their differences, ultimately resulting in the Treaty of Three Swords.

X as the secret police force of the Ramosian Coalition, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to the stability of the realm, from internal corruption caused to assaults from other nations. The Jäger as they are commonly known, serve as a light, mobile infantry and are primarily used for reconnaissance, skirmishing, or screening bodies of heavier troops, often being used on the strategic level to provide support and cover for the rest of the army. Occasionally they are also used for search and destroy missions deep behind enemy lines.

The Jäger were founded by Lord Krieger ‘Ironfist’ of House Tassarini at the start of the 4th Age. With the ‘Dragon’ defeated, his many surviving warlords and lieutenants scattered, remaining as powerful thorns in the side of Imperial forces. Realizing that military campaigns would take too long and be inefficient in tracking and eliminating these enemies, Lord Krieger sought another method. With the support of Lord Tionne of the Northern Alliance and Lord Renzel of the Ramosain Coalition, he created a small, but elite group of hunters, trackers, soldiers, mages, and assassins to search out these enemy warlords and eliminate them.

During war or operations with the main military formations of the Coalition, the Jäger are allowed to act with a certain amount of initiative on the battlefield, unlike line infantry who are rigidly drilled and kept under tight control by their officers. For this reason, Lord Krieger has sought the most energetic and daring soldiers to be selected to become Jäger.

Area of Influence: Ramosia [Westlands]

Base of Operations: Scattered [HQ: Chantain]

Leadership Style: Military, with Lord Krieger as current Commanding Officer

Patron Deity: None



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