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Brotherhood of Pelor, The: A knightly and clerical order devoted to law and order who revere Pelor, first among the Lords of Good. These knights are renowned for their martial prowess and for their unwavering (though at times dogmatic) pursuit of good over evil.

Crypt Keepers: An ancient order dedicated to the protection of the mortal world against the undead. The Crypt Keepers are the watchers in the night, and embrace Dominaria's darkness in order to destroy it.

Jägers, The: This offshoot of the Warforged Eternal Legion served Ramosia during the Dragon's War and War of the Three Kings. It is currently reforming, along with the rest of the Eternal Legion, in the wake of the Treaty of Three Swords.

Whitebridge Exploratory Guild, The: The Whitebridge Exploratory Guild sponsors expeditions into the Ramosi and Cormyri Wilds, as well as occasional forays farther north. The guild sponsors adventuring, mining, trapping, cartographical, and diplomatic expeditions and runs a chain of shops and depots throughout Andor, Ramosia, Amacidia, and Onea.

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