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The Haunting[edit]

Warlock Subclass

A passing isn’t always the end, sometimes a strong enough wish or strong enough emotion can cause one’s spirit to become unrest and reemerge into the material plane, forever looking for a way to fulfill their last inherit desire. Those unfortunate enough to come across such a powerful will can became marked by it, carrying the soul and wish of the spirit upon themselves drawing their unnatural power from it.

Expanded Spells List[edit]
Level Spells
1st False Life, Dissonant Whispers
2nd Warding Wind, Phantasmal Force
3rd Speak with Dead, Bestow Curse
4th Phantasmal Killer, Confusion
5th Seeming, Animate Objects
Unfinished Business[edit]

Starting at 1st level your patron is a powerful haunting brought forth by his own unfinished business in the living plane, this resonates with you as an unquestioning and perhaps aimless clinginess to life. Once every in-game week upon being knocked down you can choose to get up instantly with 1d4HP, however your connection to your patron's power becomes unstable, as such you must perform an DC 10 Charisma check for every Warlock spell you cast for 1 hour or short rest, upon a failed check your spell fizzles out into nothingness.

Unresting Soul[edit]

Starting at level 6 you start to notice small unnatural phenomenon happening around you and are able to direct those happenings to others. You can choose a target and roll on the haunting table to see which effect takes place, you can do this the number of times equal to your proficiency bonus and requires a short or lost rest to regain its uses.

1d6 Effect
1 Unnaturally chilly wind blows in area of 30 feet of the target towards a random direction for 1 second.
2 Target feels a cold tap on his shoulder from a spectral hand.
3 Target hears his own name being whispered directly into his ear.
4 Eerie music starts to play in a nearby instrument, if none are nearby then a child’s voice can be heard singing a eerie tune.
5 Ghostly image gets projected in the target’s peripheral vision, lasting for at least 30 seconds or until target attempts to look at it.
6 Random item* stolen from target’s pocket and hidden in a nearby container up to 20 feet from target.

*Item must be small or less in size, if none of the items present on the target’s inventory meet the requirements then the effect must be rerolled.

*The item that gets stolen must be determined by a dice roll.

Lastly, at every long rest you must roll on the haunting table to have these effects happen to your character as they are manifestations of your patron and outside of your control.

Spiritual Embrace[edit]

The haunting and strange phenomena around you are taking their toll as you feel the ever-close presence of your patron weighting heavily upon your shoulders. Starting at level 10, you can materialize a ghostly visage of your patron roving behind you, with its arms wrapped around you as if in an embrace. All of those who are present in an area of 30ft. around you and are witnessing the current happenings must then make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw or became Frightened for 1 turn, activating this uses an action, the effect include those who are friendly towards you, and you can only use this feature a number half of your proficiency bonus rounded down if necessary.

Symbiotic Possession[edit]

Starting at level 14, you start to feel a higher connection to your patron allowing you to let yourself became possessed in a mutually beneficial way, as such you gain the following benefits:

Ethereal Step: You can cast Blink freely as a bonus action as long as the possession lasts.

Ethereal Sight: You gain the ability to see 60ft. into the Ethereal Plane if you are on the Material Plane, and vice versa.

Withering Assault: You can add 3d6 of necrotic damage to any attack or damaging spell you make a number of times equal to proficiency bonus.

This is done as a bonus action, the effect lasts for 1 minute and can only be done once per short or long rest.

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