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The Game [General][edit]

You are playing the Game; the point of this game is to not remember you are playing it, or you lose.
Effect: Any time you are reminded of the Game (by someone discussing a Game, a sudden memory of it, or even someone else saying "I lost!") you lose the Game. You must make a Will save (DC 15) or be stunned for one round as you clutch your hair in your hands, thrust your head skyward and say, "I just lost the game!" You cannot lose more than once every ten rounds.
Benefit: Any other creatures who hear you lose, provided they are playing the Game, must make a will save themselves, or also lose the Game.
Normal: You are not playing The Game.
Special: Other characters may start playing the game, provided you tell them the rules.
Roleplaying Ideas: A character with this flaw usually tries to have a bad memory, in order to keep from losing. They often have a bit of an attitude towards someone who makes them lose, but all in all, they are an average person.

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The Rules of The Game are simple.

  1. You cannot win The Game; you can only lose.
  2. Any time you are reminded of The Game, you lose, and have to say, "I lost The Game!" when you do lose.
  3. Once you lose The Game, you cannot lose again for ten rounds. After these ten rounds are up, you are playing The Game again, until you lose. The cycle repeats.
  4. If there are other people playing The Game that hear you lose, they also lose.
  5. The point of The Game is to get everyone in The Multiverse to start playing.

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