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(The Parlor is a small dimensional plane that can only be accessed on a rare chance when failing a plane traveling action.)

The players are greeted with a smoky room, from the floor 3 ft. high mahogany floor molding lines the walls, and just above it is a dark red wallpaper of large intersecting black diamonds with smaller black diamonds in the middle of each pattern. The floor is decorated with a dusty yet still ornate carpet, sweeps and swirls of gold, red, and yellow. To the right there is a bar serving every type of liquid in existence just under the counter, the bar is tended by an Avatar of Death (That will step out from the bar with a scythe it grabbed from under the counter, if a player is to have drawn the Skull Card, if slain he will reappear behind the bar.). While idle, the Avatar of Death will be wiping a mug or the counter-top. To the left, there is a stage with three different types of devils, demons, and yugoloths, all large, hilariously playing medium sized jazz instruments, and dressed in expertly fitted fine clothes. This group includes a Bone Devil playing a Trumpet, a Shoosuva playing Saxophone, and a Nycaloth playing Upright Bass, like a violin. They are docile. Directly in front of the party, is a tattered poker table and behind it, is a human in fine clothes, about 5'8", balding black hair, smoking a cigarette, and with nearly inhuman dexterity shuffling a Deck of Many Things. Further behind the human, is a shelf with many mason jars, you fail to make out the contents, but attempt to count them. However as your eyes lead you down the shelf, there seems to be no end (Make an Intelligence save for the players with a DC of 25, if they fail, they are simply a bit confused, if they succeed, they realize that the jars are infinite.).

Welcome to The Parlor

(In this domain no magic aside from The Dealer's own and the Cards can be casted, if someone attempts to cast anything, they are given a warning by everyone in The Parlor simultaneously dropping what they are doing and staring at the player for about 30 seconds. The Parlor can only be exited by playing with The Dealer, however if somehow the dealer dies, magic can now be casted. If an individual given a warning attempts to cast magic again, they will be Imprisoned in the mason jars behind The Dealer and must make a Charisma (Persuasion) check against a DC of 14 to be released, those Imprisoned can make this check every hour. Attacking or attempting to attack any patrons of the bar including yourselves and anyone else that the party may have intentionally or unintentionally brought with them, will result in the same reaction as attempting to cast magic. If an individual succeeds the Persuasion check to get out of the jar, and they attempt to cast magic or fight again, will be banished to a mud puddle somewhere in the material plane.)

Card dealer.jpg

The Dealer[edit]

Medium humanoid (Human), chaotic neutral

Armor Class 30
Hit Points 1
Speed 60 ft.

13 (+1) 22 (+6) 14 (+2) 30 (+10) 25 (+7) 26 (+8)

Saving Throws intelligence +16, wisdom +13, charisma +14, dexterity +12
Skills Arcana +16, Persuasion +14, Deception +14, Sleight of Hand +18, Perception +13, Insight +13
Condition Immunities Charmed, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, Cannot be Pulled from his Realm
Senses passive Perception 30, Tremorsight 100ft., Truesight 100ft.
Languages All, speaks only in Common, but all creatures can understand him and he can understand them
Challenge 25 (30,000 XP)

Deal Roll 1d12 +2, the outcome is how many times The Dealer will use the "Hit" action before he says that he is getting tired, and folds. After which the party will be asked to leave.

Hand Mucker Every 2d4 +1 rounds, The Dealer will attempt to cheat by switching out a good card for a bad card, making a Sleight of Hand check (Foresight does not apply.) against the player who's being dealt's passive perception. If caught, he will be overjoyed, and share with the player the Moon Card, the Sun Card, and the Star Card, shaking the player's hand vigorously while giving them the cards and attempting to switch out the 3 cards by making another Sleight of Hand check against the player's passive perception at disadvantage (Foresight does not apply.), to switch the cards to the Fool Card, the Donjon Card, and the Idiot Card. If the player catches The Dealer again, he will chuckle and sit back down at his Dealer's Chair.

Wheel of Fate The Dealer always knows the outcome of a situation (has the benefits of the Foresight spell indefinitely).

Tell Whenever The Dealer draws a Card and looks at it, and offers it to a random player, The Dealer will make an odd mannerism. Before taking the Card, the player is offered the chance to make an Insight check against a Deception DC of 28, if the player succeeds, they are given a hint as to if the effect is negative or positive, if the player fails they gain no information.


Hit The Dealer draws a card from his Deck of Many Things, and offers it to a random player (player can decline). Depending on the Card,The Dealer will explain the effect then snap his fingers and the effect will manifest.


Up the Sleeve The Dealer will always have a Time Stop spell ready on reaction for if any damage is to come into contact with him (only if the hit lands, if it doesn't the same effect as casting magic is applied), the spell always occurs just before the attack lands. Upon the Time Stop, The Dealer will banish the one who attempted to attack into a mud puddle somewhere in the Material Plane.

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