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Wizard's Guild[edit]

Hated and feared by most of the citizenry of City, the Wizard’s guild handles the unnatural. They are not easy to contact, as their guild house remains closed at all times, day or night, and no one goes in or out. Not even the Beggars Guild know who all the members of this guild are. It is not uncommon for a guild member to perform his duties in a mask to hide his identity, in much the same way as an executioner. The Wizards are divided by the magic school they choose to specialize-naturally there is rivalry. The Wizards are a prejudice group with little tolerance for non-spell casters, Sorcerers, Clerics, Druids, and Bards. But that doesn’t mean they tolerate magic outside of their guild either and many of young wizard has felt the wrath of disobeying the wizard’s Guild harsh restrictions. As member you have access to spell casting, spell research, scrolls, some magic items and hard to find magic ingredients.

Associated Skills: Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcane), Use Magic Item

ALLIES: None ENEMIES: Followers of the Oaken Circle, Church of Aarth, Thinkers Fraternity

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