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The Dark City[edit]

In the darkness of the night, the fog from the bay moves through the warrens of the great city. Through the shadows of the alleyways the rogues who prowl these street scrape a living through theft, deceit, sorcery, and steel against the established great Guilds, the dominating Church of Aath, and the ever present authority of the Overlords. Our heros, donning the cloaks of night and the faces of guile, seek riches and power through locked doors, magical wards, enchanted creatures and deadly traps. This is the world of the Dark City.

The Great City has existed for many centuries building on top of the remains of once was the trading Center of the Great Southern Empire. After the Empire fell to barbarians it was through the Crusaders of Aarth that the city was reborn under the control of the Overlords. The Church of Aarth established itself as the main religious order building over monuments and shrines of gods past.

The overlords, under very wise rulers, encouraged economic growth in the city. The City expanded outward and seized the land of the pagans, forcing them to integrate into the city to access their sacred lands and keep their traditions alive. Lands outside the city became great fields of grain that would become the cities main export to the world market. As the trading to other cities expanded the Guilds rose to power and influence over the city.

The City is now host to some of the richest merchants and Lords. Working in the shadows, the Thieves Guild has also rose to prominence by the guile of it’s leaders in the early days. Today, the Guild is run more like a business with bureaucratic meddling and excessive taxation. The Guild’s oppressive rules make it difficult for a hard working thief to make a living.

It is no wonder that the next generation of thieves have found it so much profitable to run freelance no matter how dangerous it might be…

This is the story of such individuals and their exploits through the maze of streets, intrigue and riches. But soon they will find powerful and dangerous foes plotting it’s destruction. It is through these gray heros do the inhabitants of the City must look to for it’s salvation.

The Campaign[edit]

The City of Thieves or Dark City Campaign is under the premise that player play stealthy and skill based characters to achieve the adventure objectives. While other types of characters can be played in the campaign, the majority of the plots involve thinking and guile by the PC's as they interact with political and religious foes of both spectrums of good and evil. The game is character driven and allows PC's to develop their character as a personality rather than a icon of the Players play style. To emphasize the stealth nature of the game PC's at times will undergo challenges that may be way above the normal CR level in combat. In addition, because of the incentive of the players is money, larger amounts of treasure is to be gain by the PC's when they pull jobs off. To balance the money increase, most magic items can be purchased to customize the character's needs. A limit on the ownership and the buying of such items is determined by experience level.

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